10 Beauty Oils For Your Daily Routine

They can work miracles on your skin!


(SPOT.ph) Putting anything that has oil on your skin is a terrifying idea...especially when you live in a tropical country and in a city like Manila. But you don't need to be deterred by facial oils. These products can work miracles, whether you have dry, combination, or oily skin. Don't worry about exacerbating your breakouts or looking like you've just dipped your face into a deep fryer. Beauty oils rebalance your skin, helping you achieve that clear, healthy, and dewy complexion that you've always wanted. We round up 10 beauty oils that are worth a try.


10 Beauty Oils For Your Daily Routine

Sunflower Beauty Oil (P149.75) from Human Nature

You might've heard about the wonders of this beauty oil from Human Nature. The Sunflower Beauty Oil is rich in vitamins A, D, and E which help keep your skin healthy and moisturized. This top-to-toe beauty solution lightens the undereye area, pimple marks, stretch marks, underarms, fine lines, and scars while acting as an overall body moisturizer that helps nourish the scalp, soften soles, knees, and elbows.


10 Beauty Oils For Your Daily Routine


Tea Tree Oil (P495) from The Body Shop

This cult classic has been around for over 20 years and we understand why: It works like a charm when it comes to clearing your skin from blemishes! Believe it or not, this beauty oil actually mattifies the skin. It's a natural blemish remover with anti-bacterial properties which help keep your skin clear from acne, blackheads, and other facial marks, giving you a clean and fresh complexion.


10 Beauty Oils For Your Daily Routine


Radiance Serum (P1,450) from Burt's Bees

This lightweight serum is perfect if you're suffering from dull skin. It's infused with Royal Jelly which helps enhance the skin's natural radiance while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also has Licorice Root Extract which evens out the skin tone and glycerin which hydrates the skin. The result? Naturally radiant, youthful skin!


10 Beauty Oils For Your Daily Routine

Oil For All Pracaxi Oil The Miracle Oil (P899) from Snoe

This beauty oil is widely used to treat hyperpigmentation and scars. Apply it on acne scars, wrinkles, sun spots, and even stretch marks! It also helps alleviate redness and itchy spots, which makes it perfect for those who have sensitive skin. It can also make your hair feel softer and smoother.


10 Beauty Oils For Your Daily Routine

Daily Reviving Concentrate (P2,895) from Kiehl's


Formulated with ginger root and sunflower and tamanu oils, this serum has antioxidant properties that help combat signs of fatigue and keep your skin looking healthy and radiant. One or two drops will help you achieve softer, smoother skin and a more even complexion. It has a zingy citrus scent that we love, too!


10 Beauty Oils For Your Daily Routine

Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Purpose Dry Oil (P995) from Nuxe

This French cult-favorite beauty oil is well-known for giving skin a healthy radiance. Just mix a drop or two with your BB cream or foundation to achieve that healthy, dewy glow. It's formulated with precious plant oils and vitamin E which nourishes skin deeply. It can even help improve stretch marks. It has a lovely, summery scent, too!


10 Beauty Oils For Your Daily Routine

Pure Moroccan Argan Oil (P1,560) from Zenutrients

If you've been battling dry skin all your life, this beauty oil might just be the solution. It's 100% organic and has a lightweight, non-greasy formula that helps soften dry skin and soothe redness, leaving skin feeling nourished and hydrated. It can also soften your cuticles and treat those pesky split ends!

10 Beauty Oils For Your Daily Routine

Know-It-Oil (P1,742) from VMV Hypoallergenics

Coconut oil is known for its moisturizing properties, and this one's 100% organic virgin coconut oil. It has fatty acids that help keep the skin hydrated and healthy, promising to reduce inflammation and replenish lost lipids. It has a non-greasy formula, allowing the skin to absorb it easily without a sticky after-feel.


10 Beauty Oils For Your Daily Routine


Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil (P2,650) from Clarins

Having dry skin can be a blessing and a curse. You might not be prone to breakouts, but you also have to deal with tight, sensitive, and flaky skin on a daily basis. This face oil combines plant extracts and essential oils which help restore radiance and revitalise moisture-depleted skin. It also minimizes the appearance of fine lines, plus it gives your skin a satin smooth texture!


10 Beauty Oils For Your Daily Routine


It Radiant Brightening Oil (P1,195) from Banila Co.

Brighten up your complexion with this lightweight illuminating face oil. With a blend of natural ingredients, it lightens and evens out patchy and spotty skin tones while restoring moisture balance. It has a non-greasy and fast-absorbing formula so your skin won't feel weighed down. It can also be used to treat split ends and condition cuticles.

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