10 Cool Lunch Bags to Take to Work

Pack home-cooked meals into these adorable picks.

10 Cool Lunch Bags to Take to Work


(SPOT.ph) Bringing baon to work is one way to make sure what you're having for lunch is clean, healthy, and actually delicious. It's a great tipid move, too! Plus, why wouldn't you want to bring lunch to work when there are sooo many cute lunchboxes out there? Make it a fashion statement while you're at it! We round up 10 irresistible lunchboxes that will make you want to bring baon forever.


10 Cool Lunch Bags to Take to Work

Bento Lunch Box (P1,645) from Built

We love its diagonal zip and the fact that with its wrist strap and floral print, this neoprene tote can moonlight as a quirky pouch for weekend dates and casual parties. Just take out the plastic lunch containers that come with it! 


10 Cool Lunch Bags to Take to Work


Neoprene Gourmet Getaway Lunch Bag (P580) from Gourdo's

Season your office lunchtime with a poetic and artsy vibe by way of this neoprene tote's painterly bird print or seascape of a red sun and green waves. Aptly named "Gourmet Getaway," it will make baon time feel like an idyllic escape.


10 Cool Lunch Bags to Take to Work

Small Cooler Bag (P1,350) from SoYoung

Whimsical with a slightly vintage vibe, like something Wes Anderson would include in one of his films, the orange fox bag comes with a long detachable strap (can be worn as sling bag or backpack) and insulating insert for easier cleaning. It's a good gift idea for your little sister or cousin...with a secret intention of borrowing it sometimes. We won't judge. 


10 Cool Lunch Bags to Take to Work


The Big Apple Lunch Sack (P995) from Built

It is safe to assume that pandas have a universal adorable appeal. Tote along some of the cuddliness and cuteness of our favorite fluffy bear with a lunch bag that has a soft handle and buckle that unsnaps to easily attach to strollers and backpacks. It is also equipped with new heat-sealing technology that keeps food fresh.


10 Cool Lunch Bags to Take to Work


Lunch Bag (P750) from Gouache

A lunch tote doesn't have to scream "Baon inside!". It can look sleek and suave, like these ones by local brand Gouache. Their water repellant waxed-canvas bags are lined with polyester taffeta and come in royal blue, maroon, asphalt gray, aqua, and olive green colors.  


10 Cool Lunch Bags to Take to Work


Flamingo Three-way Lunch Bag (P549.75) from Lily & Tucker

This polyester bag with a fabulously flamboyant flamingo print is sure to brighten up any girl's mood, perhaps even if she's having her least favorite food for lunch! It can be used three ways: as a tote (top handle), a sling bag, or a backpack!



10 Cool Lunch Bags to Take to Work


Audrey in Polka Blue (P795) from Lunchies 

Be a lady who lunches—in the office pantry. Count on this chic, insulated, neoprene tote to make you the belle with the baon. The bag has a zipper closure and an attached matching case for utensils. How cute is that? 


10 Cool Lunch Bags to Take to Work


Atlanta Chiller Bag (P1,495) from Fit&Fresh

Don't you just hate it when tote handles get discolored from sweat and dirt? That won't be a problem with this dainty lunch carrier with non-fabric handles. It also doesn't hurt that it comes in a pretty pattern, and includes two plastic containers and a removable ice pack. 


10 Cool Lunch Bags to Take to Work

Brown Paper Bag (P995) from Luckies London

We know you've always wanted to carry your lunch in a brown paper bag, like what we usually see in cartoons and movies. This one is not your ordinary paper bag—it's tear-proof and leak-proof and it keeps your food warm and your drinks cold. Plus, it has a magnet on top, allowing you to fold it up without your food falling out!


10 Cool Lunch Bags to Take to Work


Fuel Classic Lunch Bag (P525 ) from Trudeau

A step up to your go-to brown bag, this no-nonsense tote is waterproof, tear-resistant and has a practical but stylish design. 

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