Picks: 10 Things That Will Add Personality to Your Bathroom

Spruce up your shower time with these fun accessories!

WWLN Bathroom


( Bathrooms are sacred, so it's basically a sin to just let it be...mediocre. You spend so much time in there, you might as well make the most of it with a few quirky additions. Not sure what we mean? Here are 10 ideas!


WWLN Bluetooth speakers

Nude Audio M portable bluetooth speakers (P2,990)

These shock-resistant speakers are the perfect companion to a fun shower—you can hang it on the bathroom door and duet with Justin Timberlake to your heart’s content (we can’t get enough of “Can’t Stop the Feeling!”). — Joanna Manalastas, editor-in-chief


Available at Digital Walker


WWLN soy candle



Hand Poured Soy Candle (P450)

My love for scented candles extends to any spot in our home, but it's especially important to have one in the bathroom! Light one of these when you have guests over and fill the air with aromatic Cucumber Melon or go for something fun like a Summer Party! — Loren Evangelista, managing editor


Available at Happy Island Candle Co.


WWLN rubber duck

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Giant Rubber Duck (P945)

It won't be a bath list without an adorable duck floating in the tub. This eight-inch floater is the rubbie duckie of grown-ups! — Sasha Lim Uy, Eat + Drink section editor


Available at


WWLN toothbrush cover



On Air Toothbrush Cover (P280)

It's not a real microphone, but hey, it's perfect for those days of belting out your favorite songs while getting ready in the morning! — Aimee Dacanay, staff writer


Available at Rustan's


WWLN bath towel


Jacquard-weave Bath Towel (P899)

Give your bathtimes a tropical twist when you wrap yourself in this brightly colored, palm tree-printed bath towel! — Jamie Sanchez, editorial assistant


Available at H&M


WWLN toilet seat handle


Toilet Seat Handle (P79)

You can now lift those toilet seats without the hassle of getting your hands dirty with these adorable animal-themed toilet seat handles. — Criselda Carreon, multimedia producer


Available at TCAT Philippines


WWLN swab holder


Porcupine Cotton Swab Holder (P790)

This is one porcupine I wouldn't mind touching...or having around on a regular basis. As cotton bud holders go, it has to be the cutest ever. — Joanna Manalastas, editor-in-chief


Available at Dimensione


WWLN moo dispenser



Moo Dispenser (P130)

Can you think of a moooo-re amazing way to dispense soap or shampoo? Honestly, I'm washing my hands 12 times a day just because this ceramic container is too adorable. — Sasha Lim Uy, Eat + Drink section editor


Available at Gourdo's


WWLN toothbrush holder


Bobble Brush Timer (P680)

Not only does this toothbrush stand add some color to your sink, it also comes with a two-minute timer to keep your brushing in check. — Aimee Dacanay, staff writer


Available at Qrius


WWLN shower curtain



Duck Shower Curtain (P1,350)

Now every bath time will surely be a  squeaky clean experience, thanks to this adorable duck-printed shower curtain! — Jamie Sanchez, editorial assistant


Available at Rustan's

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