Can you believe these underwater photos were taken with a phone?

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge raises the bar for mobile photography.

( Nowadays, a smartphone is all you need to take exceptional photographs. You know, those photos you take and post-process to curate your themed Instagram feed. Because your phone is practically glued to your hands forever, taking photos of pretty things and scenic places has probably become second nature to you.


However, phone cameras have the tendency to take lifeless, one-dimensional photos. So it's really not all about the megapixels—it's about being able to play with the aperture, adjust shutter speed, and having fast autofocus which can really take your mobile photography to the next level...and that's what the new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge promises to let you do, thanks to its brilliant capacity to take low-light shots and underwater photos—yup, underwater photos!


Pics or didn't happen? Suit yourself:


Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge




Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge


Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge



The ethereal underwater shots were taken by one of the country's top fashion photographers, Mark Nicdao, with Solenn Heussaff as his graceful muse. 


Imagine all the cool pool or beach photos you and your squad can take with just your mobile phones. Talk about leveling up your Instagram feed! But what we really can't stop thinking about is this: Does this mean we won't have to bury the phone in a sack of rice if we accidentally drop it in a tub of water?


The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is now in Samsung stores and retailers for P39,990.

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