The Surprising Makeup Product That Will Give You Fuller Brows

No, it's not an eyebrow product!

Brow Hack


( You probably know by now that eyebrows are very, very important. It can (and will) make or break your entire beauty look! But your arches can be pretty unpredictable...there may be some days when you feel like you've mastered the art of filling in your brows, only to feel like a complete eyebrow noob the next because you can't seem to get the sparse areas right.


You're not alone. Perfecting your brows is tricky AF, pushing people to get creative. We stumbled upon this super handy makeup hack on and it looks like it's going to change our lives (and yours!) forever: Concealer can give you better-looking arches!


Pink Sugar Concealer


Our Lil' Secret Concealer (P299) from Pink Sugar


Before you start raising an eyebrow (see what we did there), first, take your concealer. Pat an ample amount of product onto sparse areas—this will make a stronger base for your brow gel or powder, helping you fill in your arches almost effortlessly. Go on, apply your brow product as usual and see how it adheres to your brows right away! Ahh, gotta love these makeup hacks.


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