10 Cute Yoga Essentials for Your Inner Yogi

These will help you commit to your practice.

Yoga Accessories


(SPOT.ph) Keep calm and practice yoga. With everything that’s happening in the world today, it’s important to find inner peace. Thankfully, there are more than enough of yoga studios in the Metro that can help you asana your way to inner peace—as well as help you work up a sweat, improve your balance, and strengthen and stretch your muscles. Here are a few items you can add to your yoga bag that’ll help inspire you and improve your practice.


Yoga Mat


Manduka Yoga Mat from Certified Calm

Talk about variety. There’s a Manduka mat for your every need. The PRO (P4,350 and P5,850) comes with a lifetime warranty and is recommended for hot yoga practitioners. The eKO mat (P2,250 to P4,650) is made of natural rubber and provides excellent grip even when you’re working up a sweat. The LiveON (P2,650 to P2,999) provides cushioning and is recommended for beginners.



Yoga Mat Bag

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Yoga Mat Bag (P799) from Cotton On

Carry your yoga mat around in this cute and functional bag. It’s not just perfect for lugging your mat to and from class, it’s even great for traveling since, unlike a sling, it encases your entire mat, protecting it and helping keep it clean!





Manduka Yogitoes Towel (P3,150) from Certified Calm

Pick a design that matches your personality! These yoga mats are more than just pretty, they’re also eco-friendly (made from recycled bottles) and they provide excellent grip on your mat thanks to the tiny silicone nubs on the underside.


Yoga Balm


White Space Lavender and Orange All-purpose Healing Balm (P80/10g) from White Space Mind and Body Wellness Studio

Here’s something that’ll soothe your aching muscles and further calm the senses after your yoga practice. You can even use it on insect bites and for headache relief. We love the scent and it truly does help us relax. We’re also loving their Lavender and Mint Chest and Muscle Rub.





Yogini Travel Mat (P899) from Planet Sports

At a mere two pounds, this mat is ultra lightweight. It’s so slim, you can fold it and put it in your backpack or luggage, and it’ll hardly take any space at all. It may be on the thin side, but the grip on both the topside and the underside of the mat is excellent. 


Yoga Love

Yoga Love Healing Cream Cooling Chamomile (P550) from Seek the Uniq

Brought to you by Messy Bessy, rub this healing cream behind your ears to help you further relax and cool down during savasana. Or, use it to massage your aching muscles after an intense yoga practice.


Yoga Sock



ToeSox Socks (P795) from Certified Calm

Toeless yoga socks provide added grip on your mat while still giving you that barefoot feeling thanks to the movement afforded to your toes. Pair it with ToeSox Grip Gloves and you can practice yoga even without the mat!


Yoga Headware


Headware (P295) from Headware

Use your Headware to keep your hair and sweat out of your face during your yoga practice. The fabric is highly absorbent and quick-drying. You can wear it as a headband or a turban.


Yoga Strap


Yoga Strap (P695) from Nike

Still working on your twists and binds? Not yet reached your peak flexibility? Grab a yoga strap to help you with your asanas—for a deeper stretch and greater stability.


Yoga Spray


Messy Bessy Yoga Love All-around Spray (P350) from Seek the Uniq

This antibac spray lives up to its name and is truly an all-around, do-everything product. You can spray it on your towel before practice to help prevent slipping and on your mat to disinfect it after your practice. You can also use it to disinfect your socks and shoes or spritz some on yourself if you want to feel refreshed!

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