10 Fun Socks for the Gloomy Weather

These adorable pairs are irresistible!


(SPOT.ph) If there's one thing we love about the cooler season, it's being able to wear fashion pieces that were out of the question during the summer. Though it's still a bit tough to layer in this weather, at least we can wear cute socks without drowning in a pool of sweat. We round up 10 fun socks that are perfect for the gloomy weather.



Long Mermaid Socks (P295) from Pull & Bear

We know all about your mermaid dreams. Unleash your inner mermaid and flaunt your beautiful mermaid tail (kind of) with this cute pair!



Cats 100 (P649) from Happy Socks

Cat person? This cute pair is purr-fect for your feline-loving heart.



Teal and Brown Pug Socks (P195) from Topman

One word: Pugs! Who could resist this pug-adorable pair?



The Harvey Pepperoni Pizza (P200) from Iconic Socks

What's better than lazing around with a box of pizza? Lazing around with a box of pizza and wearing a pair of pizza-printed socks!



No Smoking Socks (P99) from Sock's Fin

Want to tell someone to stop smoking around you? Put your foot down—while wearing these 

"No Smoking" socks!



Elephant Orange (P200) from Proppy Socks

Love elephants? Wear them on your feet!



Retro Ribbed Socks (P299) from Factorie

We're not sure if this is a tie-dye print that looks like marble or marble that looks like tie-dye but one thing's for sure...it's cool AF.



Squad Graphic Crew Socks (P105) from Forever 21

Be #SquadGoals with your girl friends with these adorable "squad" graphic socks!



"The Scream" Socks (P449) from Sunny Socks

Who says you can't wear art on your feet? Edvard Munch's "The Scream" is now printed on socks and we can't get over how awesome it looks!



Peso Sign Screw in Blue (P295) from Team Manila

Yeah, money can't buy you happiness but this peso sign-printed pair can sure make you smile.

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