There's so much more to these basic souvenir jackets

This collection will give you all the feels.

( Statement apparel is all about wearing your thoughts loud and proud—but this homegrown streetwear brand goes beyond just expressing your makes you feel things, too! The Artisan Clothing's latest collection, Collection X, features cool souvenir jackets, a T-shirt, and denim jackets that are so much more than what they seem.



From the outside, they look like your ordinary souvenir jackets sans the embroidered design on the back—but it's what you can't see that turns this bunch into an extraordinary collection.


Each jacket is named after a movie and inside, you will find a minimalist illustration of iconic romantic scenes from famous films. The movies featured are Gone with the Wind, Moonrise Kingdom, Vivre sa Vie, Star Wars, and Spider-Man.


Check it out:



Gone with the Wind (P3,500)




Moonrise Kingdom (P3,500)




Vivre sa Vie (P3,500)




Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back (P3,500)




Spider-Man (2004) (P3,500)


Part of the line is a denim jacket that accurately describes and ties the collection together. It's called It All Ends in Tears Anyway. (We know!).


It All Ends In Tears Anyway Denim Jacket (P4,500)


You can see the entire collection on The Artisan Clothing's website.


For more information, log on to The Artisan Clothing's Facebook page

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