Packing is about to get a hundred times easier

Spacetastic is here to save the day!

( It's all fun and games counting down the days till your next beach trip...until you realize that you really have to start packing. If you absolutely hate the idea of packing and stressing out about the things you don't know you're forgetting, then we found something that will make the dreadful chore a hundred times easier (and much more fun!): Say hello to Spacetastic.



No, it won't do the packing for you, but it can really help you get organized! Spacetastic carries packing cubes that come in sets and in a variety of prints and designs. 



Life is Better in Tropicolor is their collection of packing cubes sets. Each set includes four pieces: the Medium Cube is for your tops and bottoms, the Small Cube is for your underwear, swimwear, and socks, the Shoe Bag for your foot wear, and the Utility Kit for your toiletries. They come in five floral designs and are available for P950 per set. 


Check it out:





Spacetastic also has a Citizen of the World collection which consists of sacks for your laundry and everything else! The Big Laundry Sack is P450 while the Everything Else Sack is P300.




You can shop Spacetastic packing sets online. See their entire collection on their Instagram.


For more information, log on to Spacetastic's Facebook page

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