10 Essentials for the Manila Commuter

These will make your life easier!


(SPOT.ph) Commuting in the Metro is not an easy feat. In fact, it might even be the toughest thing you have to go through every single day! Just because we have a very third-world public transport system doesn't mean it can't get easier. We round up 10 commuter essentials that will make your trips a bit more bearable.


Umbrella: Compact Umbrella (P590) from Uniqlo

Manila weather can be pretty erratic. Mr. Sun could be beating down your head the moment you leave your house and then it could be pouring the moment you get off your stop. Best to be prepared and have a compact umbrella in your bag!





Makeup Kit: Transparent Neon Makeup Bag (P395) from Forever 21

Commuting in Manila is like the Hunger Games...and it's not even 7 a.m. yet. Make sure you've got all your commuter beauty essentials in a makeup bag so you can still look like a pretty decent human being once you get to the office.


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Headphones: Plattan On-Ear Headphones (P2,950) from Urbanears

We know that music can really make your commute so much better but don't be that person who plays their music on loudspeaker...that's just like, the rules of commuting! Always bring headphones with you so you can shut the world out even for just a few minutes. This pretty pink pair is easily collapsible, making it very handy and easy to bring around.


Available at Digital Walker




Power bank: Mi Power Bank 16000mAh (P1,299) from Mi Philippines

This handy power bank features dual USB ports so you can juice up your phone and a friend's phone at the same time. Or you could even plug in a portable fan on one of the ports so you can keep yourself cool and your phone, charged!


Available at retailers nationwide



Hand fan: Aero Fan Rechargeable Hand Fan (P399.50) from The SM Store

Speaking of portable fans, this rechargeable hand fan will come in handy when the aircon in the train stops working in the middle of your trip or simply when the heat is too much—which is pretty much all the time.




Hand sanitizer: All-Natural Sanitizer (P59.75) from Human Nature

No matter how much of a germophobe you are, you're going to end up having to hold on to a hand rail while commuting in one way or another. Be sure to keep your hands clean by spritzing it with hand sanitizer. Or, better yet, go ahead and spray the entire hand rail!



Sunglasses: The Pat (P499) from Sunnies Studios

Whether it's for protecting your peepers from the sun or using it to hide the fact that you're half asleep, it's good to have a pair with you at all times. It gives your look plus points, too!




Tumbler: Horoscope Tumbler (P1,149.75) from Lock & Lock

No matter where you are or what you're doing, it's important to always stay hydrated. This cool horoscope-themed tumbler keeps your drink cold (or warm!) for up to six hours and even comes with a tea filter!


Available at department stores



Breath spray: Instant Zombie Repellent Breath Spray (P320) from Quirks

Who knows when the zombies will attack? Keep this handy zombie-repellent breath spray and you'll survive anything. JK, it's just nice to have minty fresh breath anytime without having to brush your teeth every other hour...especially when you're stuck in a long commute.




Face towels: Basic Pack Hand and Fingertip Towels (P610) from Aquazorb

Sweaty problems? Keep your self dry with a micro-fiber towel like this one! It absorbs sweat and dries quickly so you can easily stash it in your bag.

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