10 Accessories to Keep You Waterproof This Rainy Season

Stay dry with these essentials!


(SPOT.ph) Commuting in Metro Manila is already pretty tough as it is. But when you add rainy days and stormy nights to the equation, it gives you every reason to want to stay home and pretend the outside world doesn’t exist. While you obviously can’t do that (hello, real world), there are still some nifty things you can use to stay dry even when those pesky rains keep pouring.



Water Repellent Jacket (P2,295) from Zara

Who says you can’t stay dry without looking chic? Fight off the rain with this super cute water-repellent jacket. It’s even in our favorite millennial pink shade!




Umbrella (P399.75) from Fibrella

How I Met Your Mother may have ended a few years ago, but the yellow-umbrella legacy is still strong in this vibrant piece. You’ll definitely be a ray of sunshine during gloomy days!


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Champion Chambray Weatherized Shoes (P2,995) from Keds

Keds is taking their newest collection one step further by introducing weatherized shoes specially made for these monsoon months. They’re keeping the classic look we all know and love, but this time, you can be better prepared on days when the sun doesn’t shine.




Kendall Black Marble Waterproof Backpack (P4,350) from ideel

To keep notebooks and valuables like your laptop safe from water, it’s best to get a waterproof backpack that can brave the storm.



High Length Shoe Cover (P325) from Dry Kicks

Nobody likes that icky wet feeling when the bottom of your jeans get soaked in rainwater. That’s why these clever shoe covers protect not just your fave kicks but are also long enough to keep the bottom half of your legs dry.




Sporty Raincoat (P1,395) from Pull&Bear

This vibrant blue coat doesn't only keep you safe from rainy days—it's also a bold statement piece to add to your weather-proof look. Plus, it’s long enough to really get the job done!



Inverted Umbrella (P799) from Rustan’s

We know how stressful it can be to fold up regular umbrellas and then get little droplets soaking the ground (or, worse, your shoes). That’s why inverted umbrellas make the perfect new companion. They close inwards, so you can just fold it up then tip the excess water right out.




Pampatech Leather Boots (P7,550) from Palladium

Palladium’s got some killer boots to give you that urban edge this rainy season. But more than looks, their boots are made of special material to keep your feet dry no matter the weather.



Crep Protect Spray (P995) from Crep Protect

Crep Protect is known for giving sneakerheads some awesome stuff to care for their shoe collection. One of Crep's breakthrough products is this cool spray that can keep your kicks waterproof. Just spritz on a generous amount all over your shoes and you’re good to go!




Waterproof Mobile Dry Bag (P199) from Shapes and Curves

Just in case you want that extra protection for your gadgets, why not get a waterproof pouch to store them in? You can keep it handy in your bag so your phone stays safe even when you forget to bring a raincoat or umbrella.


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