What Those Extra Holes in Your Sneakers Are for and Other Things You Wonder About, Explained

That little square on your backpack isn't just decoration.


(SPOT.ph) Today in Everyday Things That Make You Question Their Existence But You Never Really Bothered to Google, we uncover the purpose of some strange but pretty common things that we all just seemed to blindly accept without knowing what they were actually made for. Get ready for your mind to be blown.




Those extra scraps of cloth that come with new clothes

You know what we’re talking about. The scraps of cloth are usually attached to the price tags and most of the time, they come with an extra button—and no it’s not so you have extra cloth you can use to patch it up in case a rat eats a hole through your clothes. It’s actually there so you know exactly what type of material is used so you can test how to properly wash the item without ruining the entire piece. The reason behind it is pretty thoughtful if you ask us!


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The little pocket in the front pocket of your jeans

We’re pretty sure you’ve asked yourself what the heck that tiny pocket in your jeans was for. Commonly referred to as the “coin pocket” (because only one coin can fit in it...rendering it almost useless), that small pouch was actually devised to keep pocket watches safe! It made its very first appearance on Levi’s first blue jeans, which dates all the way back to the 1870s. The Levi Strauss website says that the original denim jeans had four pockets: one in the back, two in the front, and a tiny pocket in one of the front pockets. “This extra pouch has served many functions, evident in its many titles: frontier pocket, condom pocket, coin pocket, match pocket, and ticket pocket, to name a few.” See, it’s not that useless, guys.




Those buttons on the pockets of your jeans

Now that you know what that small pocket is for, you’re probably still wondering about those buttons in your jeans. Well, if you think it’s there for aesthetic, you’ve never been more wrong. In fact, those buttons aren’t actually buttons; they’re rivets and they play an important role in keeping your denim jeans together! The rivets are designed to stop the jeans from ripping at the seams. Back in the late-1940s, miners complained about how their jeans kept ripping at the seams of their pockets. According to History.com, a Levi’s customer discovered that copper rivets can actually be used to add support to where the pockets usually ripped. The customer wanted to patent his idea but didn’t have the funds, so he made a deal with Levi Strauss (the founder of the company that manufactured the first blue jeans) in 1872 and they began producing copper-riveted jeans since. Fun fact: That customer became Levi’s production manager.




The holes on the side of your sneakers

Nope, Converse didn’t decide to add two random eyelets on the side of your sneakers just for kicks. It turns out, they’re there for two reasons. The first is to provide enough ventilation for your feet, which only makes sense if you like to wear your Chucks without socks—which you probably don’t and shouldn’t ever do. The second purpose is so that users can play around with the way they tie their laces. You know, so your feet can look stylish and unique. Alternatively, most running sneakers also feature two extra holes and they actually have a very reasonable purpose: So that runners and athletes can wear their shoes tighter by tying their laces using the “lace lock” or “heel lock” methods, which help prevent their feet from getting blisters from the shoes.




The diamond-shaped patches with two lines in backpacks

First, it’s actually called a “lash tab” or a “pig snout” and nope, it’s not there for a decorative purpose. According to Business Insider, it rose to popularity when Herschel came out with the popular Heritage model, which features a lash tab right smack in the middle of the backpack. Apart from it adding cool points to backpacks, its purpose is even cooler: You can use it to hang stuff that you don’t want to put (or don’t fit) inside your bag, like a pair of sneakers or even a flashlight if you’re an outdoorsy-type. You could even use it to keep your earphones tangle-free.

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