10 Talented Local Sticker Artists to Scope Out at the Very First Sticker Con MNL

There's a good chance you'll get stuck on them.

(SPOT.ph) Sprucing up your favorite objects with stickers—from your laptop, phone case, or notebook covers—can be quite addicting. After all, sticker-bombing your things lets you express yourself creatively. Plus, you can easily remove the ones you no longer like (and replace them with new ones—the cycle never ends!).


If you’re looking for more to add to your collection, you’re in for a treat! The very first Sticker Con MNL will be held on March 10, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., at JY Campos Hall B in Bayanihan Center, Pasig City. Some very talented local artists will come together to celebrate their work and share their love for creating stickers.


For Sticker CON MNL organizer Grace Marcellana of Fandom Feels PH, stickers bring about a wave of nostalgia. “I have encountered a lot of people who would say that collecting stickers remind them of their childhood, and I actually feel the same way.”    


She adds, “There are a lot of conventions—comics, prints, fashion—featuring talented Pinoy artists. I realized that it’s about time local sticker artists and makers take center stage in a convention that we can call our own, so I came up with Sticker Con MNL.”


Get to know some of the participating sticker artists—whose works range from cute to sassy, inspirational to whimsical—with this roundup!


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Grace Marcellana (@fandomfeelsph)

Name a fandom and chances are, Fandom Feels PH has a sticker pack for it—your most-loved Marvel characters, your top DC superheroes, your fave shows to binge-watch, and more. Stylish and packed with nerd humor, these stickers would appeal to any fangeek—from the most casual to the most hardcore. What are you waiting for? Let your fandom flag fly, or better yet, get a sticker pack and show the world how hard you can fan.



Micah Sulit (@edenstreet)

Looking for inspiration? Eden Street has you covered. These pretty stickers with uplifting messages are bound to put a smile on your face. Think of them as stickers sprinkled with pixie dust. The little messages for the soul are perfect for journaling or as gifts for your bestie, because sometimes all we need is a few encouraging words to remind us how magical we all are.


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Cara Gonzalez (@carawrrr)

Bright and whimsical, Cara Gonzalez’s charming designs are the Willy Wonka of stickers. They have tons of personality and color—and are wonderfully out of this world. There are screaming ice cream cones, crazy narwhals, summery pineapples, and the coolest cool cats in the alley. Talk about a world of pure imagination!



Chichi Romero (@whimsicute)

Artist Chichi Romero will make you squeal kawaiiiiiii! From adorable breads to silly kitties to chibified Stranger Things characters, Romero has cornered the market on whimsical and cute. She even makes kikiam and isaw look adorable!




Jappy Agoncillo (@jappylemon)

Jappy Agoncillo’s vibrant and amazing street art—on walls in Makati, Malate, and Pasig—are pretty hard to miss. He’s even done street art in New York and Venice Beach, California! From street art to sticker art, he brings the same passion, skills, and cool AF vibe. Now you can take home a piece of his murals with you!



Betina Continuado (@betsy.cola)

She describes her art as twee and sure—a bit girly, but also a whole lot of sexy, risqué even. Her NSFW sticker pack is just that: NSFW. Her body positivity sticker pack was created because she was tired of being ashamed of her body (yaaasss, queen!), and her roller derby girls and space cadets are hella sexy. Not surprising given she’s a huge fan of pinups from the ‘60s and ‘70s. 




Freely Abrigo (@freelyabrigo)

Batman has never looked this cute. Neither has Wolverine. Pinoy cartoonist Freely Abrigo chibi-fies your favorite DC and Marvel superheroes. You’ve seen them all bulked up and serving all sorts of badassery on the big screen, but these stickers let us imagine what they would’ve been like as toddlers: super silly and crazy cute.



Raco Ruiz (@racodrawsstuff)

Graffiti art meets neon colors meets stickers: Characterized by bright, electric colors and fresh designs, these stickers are big on pop culture. How about Voldemort or The Joker on vacation? Or Zombie Taylor Swift? Or maybe Black Panther (Wakanda Forever!)? These fun, trendy stickers are sure to be a welcome addition to your sticker collection.





Cassy Cajucom (@cassykicks)

Cassy Cajucom’s stickers are all about girl power—tough chicks, girl crews, and girl bosses—more like sassy kicks! It’s a pastel world of sweet-but-tough cool girls with cotton candy-colored hair, heart-shaped sunglasses, and denim jackets full of patches and pins. Y’know, the kind of girls you’d want to hang with IRL. 



Fine Time Studios Team (@finetimestudios)

The folks at Fine Time Studios certainly look like they’re having a fine time creating stickers with a healthy dose of cheeky Pinoy humor. Using a play on words and a fun take on familiar images, these stickers serve up some major laughs.  

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