10 Best Places to Shop for Work Clothes

You'll never go wrong with these stores!

(SPOT.ph) Part of being a working adult means dressing up every day for the office. And when you’re on the hunt for either the latest trendy work outfit or for more classic pieces to beef up your wardrobe, you’re going to need hit up some great stores that are sure to have whatever you need. Don’t fret, because we list 10 tried-and-tested brands for your next go-to work OOTD.

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Susto The Label

PHOTO BY Susto the Label

Everything from Susto seems to be the perfect combination of hip and classic. They’ve got an assortment of work-ready tops, skirts, trousers, and even shoes. Their collections mostly feature sleek styles in plain fabrics, and when they do introduce a print, you can be sure it’s as timeless as any of their other pieces, too. They also come up with cool accessories from time to time, including pretty watches or French-inspired berets.


See a list of Susto The Label branches.


PHOTO BY uniqlo
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By now, who hasn’t heard of Uniqlo (or the flagship store they recently opened in Glorietta 5)? We’re willing to bet everyone has at least one thing from Uniqlo in their wardrobe, so it should come as no surprise that you can shop for some simple yet equally stylish work-ready pieces. The store is bursting with essential tops, different kinds of pants, button-downs, and cardigans. We wouldn’t be surprised if you walk out of the store with an all-Uniqlo top-to-toe (to underwear) outfit!

See a list of Uniqlo branches.



Zara has always been one of the go-to shops for some of the trendiest, most fashion-forward outfits. While you’ll definitely discover all sorts of pieces that are on every fashionista’s must-have list, the brand also has its fair share of basics that, together, are great for mixing and matching. Both Zara Men and Zara Women have a wide selection of fashion pieces for your next work outfit, including blazers (and sometimes matching pants!), jumpsuits, polos, and even shoes and bags to top off your whole look.

See a list of Zara branches.



When you need work outfits that are both fashionable and classic, Mango has some pretty great options. They have slacks in different styles and colors, button-downs in all kinds of cool prints and styles, and a wide array of bags, wallets, and shoes to help you put together an entire outfit that’ll stay timeless even as the seasons change. You’ll probably keep coming back month after month (or week after week) to refresh your wardrobe, too!


See a list of Mango branches.



G2000 was launched specifically to introduce more career-friendly pieces, so you can be sure anything you buy from here is office-ready. They have everything you need to look sharp at work, from modern blouses and dress shirts down to a trusty pair of slacks or an easy-breezy dress. The styles and pieces they carry are always fresh and finely crafted, so they can last you a long time if you care for them properly.

See a list of G2000 branches.

Dorothy Perkins

PHOTO BY Dorothy Perkins

Wearing anything from Dorothy Perkins can give your look a soft sophisticated edge—the brand carries a lot of items that look simple but are still one cut above the average basics. From chic stripes and pretty florals all the way to must-have plains in basic and trendy colors, you can find anything you need to wear for work here. You might want to check out their bag and shoe selections, too!

See a list of Dorothy Perkins branches.



If you need a touch of color in your wardrobe, Memo has all kinds of clothes in varying styles, complete with an array of different hues, too. It also doesn’t hurt that you can take their pieces from day to night! Here, you can shop blouses, button-downs, camis, skirts, trousers, even blazers, belts, and bags. And it’s a big plus that their prices won’t hurt your wallet either!


See a list of Memo branches.

Harlan + Holden

PHOTO BY Harlan + Holden

If you’ve walked past a clothing store with all these long and tall mannequins and super color-coordinated racks, then that’s probably Harlan + Holden. The local brand carries all things plain but far from boring, so it’s perfect for anyone who likes to keep their wardrobe simple and versatile. From comfy dresses all the way to fuss-free slip-ons, this store will definitely be your go-to if you’re looking for comfort and style!

See a list of Harlan + Holden branches.


PHOTO BY Debenhams

Debenhams is pretty much a department store in itself, so it’ll be really hard not to find something you’ll love for your next office OOTD. They carry everything from tops, bottoms, and accessories, plus there’s something for the whole family so you can all bond over shopping! You’ll want to carve out some time to explore the whole store though—there are literally racks upon racks of items you can go through in all shapes, colors, and styles. They’ve also got seasonal collections, so if you like keeping up with the trends, you’ll want to keep checking back!

See a list of Debenhams branches.

Plains & Prints

PHOTO BY Plains & Prints

As its name might suggest, Plains & Prints is the local brand for all things plain and printed. True to their word, they carry all sorts of styles, from polka dots to florals to stripes—and practically everything in between! The styles are fun and ever-changing, so there’s always something fresh to come back to. If your personal style has always leaned far from the usual basics, then you’ll definitely want to look for your next outfit here.


See a list of Plains & Prints branches.

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