Gift Guide: 30 Kris Kringle Gifts and Stocking Stuffers for P150 and Under

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

( With Christmas just around the corner, your weekends are probably packed with parties and dinners with your friends, family, and coworkers...and we're pretty sure you're participating in at least one kris kringle this year. If you're looking for great ideas for stocking stuffers, we've got you covered. We round up 30 fun gifts all priced at P150 and below!


Lip Gloss (P129)


If you haven't heard, shiny lips are cool again. Not only will this floral tube give anyone the perfect pout, but it moisturizes dry lips as well.

Available at Bench.

Sip PH Rose Gold Metal Straw (P100)


Know someone who keeps on losing his or her metal straw? Luckily, O.G. metal-straw brand Sip PH sells them either in bulk or singles! This rose gold straw is so pretty, it would be hard to take your eyes off of it.

Available online.

GirlStuff Glitter Nail Polish (P150)


Give this shimmery nail paint to your party-loving friend and make her feel like she's in the '90s all over again. It's so shiny, you could see it sparkling from the other side of the room!

Available at BeautyMNL.

Hand Mirror (P119)


What could be shinier than a mirror? If you have a beauty-junkie bestie, we're pretty sure she'll love this handy mirror that she can easily toss in her makeup kit.

Available at Bench.


Mobile Phone Bag (P149)


If you're clumsy AF, you need extra protection for your phone. This adorable cellphone pouch fits even the largest smartphone, and can keep it extra safe from slippery hands. Plus, who can resist that cute rabbit and sweets-themed pattern?


Available at Mumuso.

Ice Pop Eraser (P59)

Aside from books at affordable prices, Biblio also hides quirky trinkets and novelty items like this watermelon pop-shaped eraser. The only downside? It's so cute, you almost don't want to use it.

Available at Biblio.

Macarons Mini Folding Mirror (P139)

It always helps to have a mirror ready, especially for quick emergency touch-ups or when you just want to make sure you're always looking your best. Because this mirror is foldable, it'll fit in almost any purse.

Available at Mumuso.


Galactic Round Animal Sticker Set (P150)

PHOTO BY The Craft Central

Spruce up your journals and scrapbooks with these out-of-this-world stickers by artist Cristina Evidor. Each animal form is scribbled in ink on a galaxy-themed watercolor backdrop. You can also stick it on your laptop or tablet as decals.

Available at The Craft Central.

Hodge Podge Bottle Cap Keychain (P100)

PHOTO BY Hodge Podge

Remember those days when you used to collect softdrink bottle caps of different brands and colors? Hodge Podge, a novelty online store that's been around since 2012, adds a touch of nostalgia to your Christmas by selling bottle-cap-inspired accessories. Their keychain designs range from cute Corgi images to your favorite chocolate.

Available at The Craft Central, Fab Manila, and La Local.

Tali ti Amianan Sirena Knot Rope (P150)

PHOTO BY Tali ti Amianan

This knot rope from Tali Ti Amianan (a social enterprise in La Union that promotes upcycling) is actually made from an old shirt and a bracelet charm is perfect for ocean babies. Cool, right?


Available online.

Kat Crafted Trinket Dish (P149)

PHOTO BY Kat Crafted

Never worry about misplacing your keys, flash drive, or bracelets when you have this trinket dish. It comes in various designs, such as one that has a very literal "Stuff I Can't Lose" statement.

Available at Fab Manila, Hey Kessy, and La Local.


Weekly Desk Pad by Louise Ramos (P119)

PHOTO BY Common Room

This colorful desk pad isn't just cute, it's super useful, too! You can easily see your plans for the week and just rip the page out once you're on to the next. 

Available at Common Room.

Sapin-Sapin Handpainted Bottle Cap Hair Clip (P139/each)

PHOTO BY Sapin-Sapin

Add a quirky touch to your look with these eye-catching bottle-cap hair clips.

Available at DTI Go Lokal.

Kimberley Festive Metallic Tattoo (P149)


If you have a friend that's been thinking about getting inked, show your support with these colorful temporary tats!

Available at Zalora.

Manila Postcards by Carawrrr (P69/each)

PHOTO BY Common Room

Show your Manila pride loud and proud with these fun postcards designed by local graphic artist Carawrrr.

Available at Common Room.


Linya Sticker Pack (P149)

PHOTO BY Linya-Linya

How can anyone not relate to "Current mood: Currently Moody"? And, if the recipient happens to be someone whose Internet stalking skills you know and love, "Less Stalk, Less Mistake" would be the perfect new life motto. 

Available at Linya Linya.

Neil Patrick Harris: Choose Your Own Autobiography (P136.75)

Neil Patrick Harris brings his trademark humor to this unique autobiography that touches on his personal life, what the set of How I Met Your Mother was like, and even what goes on backstage at awards shows. Oh, plus a magic trick or two. Say it with us: It'll be legendary.


Available at National Book Store.

True Tita Tote Bag (P150)

PHOTO BY Aniya Clothing

For any true tita, one canvas tote bag isn't enough. And the best ones always have something truly insightful written on them.

Available at Aniya Clothing.


Popjunklove Character Bookmarks (P119)

PHOTO BY Popjunklove

These corner bookmarks are small, handy, and (wait for it) perfect for long reads. With the available designs, it's a great pick for a bookworm who's also a fan of Star Wars or the Harry Potter series.

Available at Common Room.

Cocooni Basic cord organizer (P100)

PHOTO BY Cocooni

These bunting-shaped leather cord organizers are your best bets for keeping those long cables and wires organized. It comes in a variety of colors and can be adjusted depending on the thickness of the cords. If you don't mind shelling out more, you can add a monogram, too!

Available online.

Maybelline Fashion Brow 3D Cream Pencil with Brush in Brown (P149)

PHOTO BY zalora

Get arches that last all day long with this eyebrow pencil. It has creamy, heat-proof formula that promises to last for up to 12 hours.

Available at Maybelline counters and online.

Things That Matter Bamboo Toothbrush (P140)

PHOTO BY Things That Matter

If you're looking for something that's relatively, well, long, then this bamboo toothbrush is a good option. It doesn't hurt that it's something sustainable, too!

Available online.


Phone Cord (P149)


Save your friend who's always suffering from low battery with this cord that'll keep their smartphone (or tablet) fully charged.


Available online and at Ilahui stores.

Hand Sanitizer (P79)

PHOTO BY Penshoppe

Make your hand sanitizer, well, handy, with this one that you can easily attach to your bag! If that isn't cute enough, the adorable We Bare Bears design is sure to win you (and your friend) over.

Available at Penshoppe.

Mask Set (P119)


Your friend probably already has all the essential products for his or her skincare routine. So why not step it up and make sure they make their facial masks as convenient and easy as possible? This set already has an applicator, a bowl, mixer, and even measured spoons for powdered face masks, so they can finally stop using their kitchen utensils for their skincare regimen.

Available online and at Ilahui stores.

Design Hatch A6 Lined Jotter: Blue Chevron (P140)

PHOTO BY Design Hatch

Perfect for those who love pretty notebooks, this handy one comes in an irresistible design that's very IG-worthy. Toss it in your purse and use it for your notes, reminders, or if you just feel like doodling in the middle of a boring meeting.

Available online.


Pixie PH Fluffy Cat Keychain (P72)


We know cats aren't exactly the most cuddly pets, but that doesn't mean they're not cute. Whether your friend is a feline-lover or not, this keychain makes for a cute addition to your bag or, well, your keys.

Available online.

Indoor Slippers (P122 to P136)


After wearing heels all day, there's nothing more comforting than changing into soft bedroom slippers at home. These bedroom slippers even come in different colors, so you can even choose which suits your friend the most.


Available online.

Mumuso Bowknot Hair Band (P99)


You've probably seen it in your favorite K-Dramas and wanted one for yourself. This hair band will make washing your face and doing the rest of your skincare routine easier, especially if you have nine more steps after cleansing. Plus, it will make you look cute...even if you have a sheet mask on.

Available at Mumuso.

Dog Plushie Pencil Case (P149)

PHOTO BY Mother and Kids PH

Dogs are so cute that sometimes, you just want to bring them everywhere with you. Since you can't really stuff them in your bags for obvious reasons, this pencil case makes for a cute alternative. You'd smile every time you open your bag and see its cute head poking out.

Available online.

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