Gift Guide: 10 Gifts for Every Type of Coworker

You're one step closer to finishing that long list of gifts to buy.

( As jolly as the holiday season is, it’s also one of the busiest times of the year—time to hang up all the red and green decorations, time to fit every single Christmas party into your tight schedule, and most difficult of all, time to figure out what gifts to get everyone. This task is especially difficult when we’re out shopping for our coworkers. So here’s our gift to you this year: We rounded up 10 gifts for every kind of coworker you have, so you wouldn’t have to. You’re welcome!

For Your Boss

This might be the toughest gift of them all to pick out, so we like to stick with a classic formula: Give them something they can use every day.

Cloud Aromatherapy Diffuser (P3,500) from Tides


This aromatherapy diffuser from Tides (which comes with one free essential oil) will not only keep the air clean and smelling great, but it’ll help keep your boss relaxed on those stressful days. The cute design will look great on their desk, too.


Liham Case in Natural Black (P1,099) from Woven

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This handy sleeve from Woven is made from genuine, locally made leather and banig. It’s great for holding laptops, tablets, and even paper—perfect if you need a go-to for carrying just the essentials. Plus, the unique design will have your gift standing out among the rest.

For Your Support Staff

Where would we be without the ones who keep us safe and give us an extra hand when we need it? Show your support staff some love with these finds.

Small Pad Hot & Cold Compress (P669) from Precious Herbal Solutions

PHOTO BY Precious Herbal Solutions

This multipurpose Hot & Cold Compress from Precious Herbal Solutions can soothe pretty much any kind of body pain, from headaches to cramps to sore muscles and everything in between. It’s perfect for anyone whose job requires a little extra physical activity.

Thermocafe Mug (P299) from Thermos

PHOTO BY Thermos

Perfect for coffee, water, and everything in between—this Thermocafe Mug from Thermos has temperature retention technology to keep anyone’s drinks as hot or cold as they’d like them.

For That Not-Quite-Your-Friend Coworker

It happens at every workplace: Sometimes you don’t have the time to get to know people, or maybe you initially got off on the wrong foot. Either way, these gifts will help you build (or mend) that bridge.

Coup Board Game (P900) from Ludo Board Game Bar & Cafe

PHOTO BY Board Game Geek

Invite your coworker to a round of Coup with you and the rest of your work friends. Trust us, once you start playing Coup, you won’t be able to stop. Get ready to laugh till your stomach hurts. Throw a few glasses of wine into the mix and you’ll be best buds before you know it.

Bleeves (P550)

There’s nothing cozier for lazy days off this Christmas than a Blanket with Sleeves, or Bleeves. It’s perfect for when you’re snuggling up on the couch and binging your favorite series. Your coworker will be thanking you every time they snuggle into that ultra-soft fabric.

For Your Fellow Team Members

Show your teammates some love this holiday season with these extra thoughtful goodies. These gifts are perfect for you and your team to put on and take a #matchy photo. Now that’s team spirit!

Long Sleeve Pajama Set (P990) from Uniqlo


No one knows how much stress you go through better than the people you work with every day. Let them know how well rested they deserve to be this holiday season with these super comfy jammies from Uniqlo.

Fanny Pack (P749) from Spacetastic Travels

Whether you’re running errands on a busy day or traveling together on the weekends, your office buds will never run out of ways to use these fanny packs from Spacetastic Travels.

For Your Office Bestie

Let’s face it, you would never make it through a year of nonstop working without someone to keep you sane along the way. Show your office bestie extra love and appreciation with these gifts.

Wooden Letter Board (P1,400) from Ailavieu


We can all get stuck in a rut sometimes after weeks of working a little too much. Give your bestie this wooden letter board from Ailavieu where they can put funny, motivational quotes to keep them going.

QuickSnap Flash 400 Disposable 35mm Camera (P1,340) from Fujifilm

PHOTO BY Fujifilm

Get ready for another year full of memories with your work bestie by documenting them the old-fashioned way with this disposable camera from Fujifilm.

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