Here's Where You Can Get Reusable Cotton Pads in Manila

For an eco-friendly skincare routine!

Aside from skipping plastic straws and cups, transitioning to a lower-waste beauty routine is a great way to help reduce your carbon footprint. You can start with small changes such as opting for cruelty-free brands, refilling bottles instead of buying more plastic ones, and lessening your use of disposable, single-use products like cotton pads and switching to their reusable and washable counterparts. This way, you're not only limiting your beauty-related trash, you'll also save some cash in the long run from not needing to repurchase so often. Ahead, we list down where to buy reusable cotton padsin Manila, so you can swipe on your toners and micellar waters without the guilt.

Here are a few local stores where you can snag reusable cotton pads:

Reusable Cotton Face Pads (P230/25 pieces; P150/15 pieces) from Green Pads

These colorful cotton rounds from Green Pads are made out of repurposed printed fabric. While you're browsing their selection, you can also shop their other eco-friendly and organic items like reusable sanitary napkins, organic soap, bamboo utensils, and more.


Available online.

Cotton Rounds Set (P200/12 pieces) from Mimi and Me Greentools

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These face pads from Mimi and Me Greentools are made out of terry cloth, so they're very soft to the touch. One set contains a total of 12 cotton rounds packaged in a little pouch—perfect for traveling.

Available online.

Resuable Makeup Pads (P15/piece) from Humble Market


Humble Market is a package-free store that advocates sustainable living. They carry both personal care products (cotton pads included) and pantry staples sans plastic packaging.

Humble Market is at YDG Coffee, Mandala Park, Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City.

Reusable Cloth Squares (P179/15 pieces) from Little Big Help

Little Big Help aims to make sustainable living easier and more accessible for everyone. Try their reusable cotton pads as an eco-friendly alternative for single-use ones. They even come with a little mesh bag so you can round up all your dirty pads and safely throw them in the wash.

Available at Common Room. 

Reusable Cotton Pads (P110/6 pieces; P200/12 pieces) from ActivGreen


ActivGreen's cotton pads come in six- and 12-piece packs stuffed in a handy little cloth pouch. They've also got shampoo bars, organic soap, metal and bamboo straws, and bamboo utensils.

Available online.

Bamboo/Flannel Reusable Cotton Rounds (P120) from Plump

For a locally sourced and handmade option, Plump offers small bundles of reusable pads created from bamboo cotton terry and flannel material. You'll love their lopsided circular shapes and imperfect stitching, which give them a rustic look.

Available online.

Cloth Cotton Rounds (P200) from Ecolution


Ecolution's cotton rounds are made by working moms who receive 50% of the profit from each sale. They use 100% organic cloth with brush cotton lining for pads that are soft and gentle to the touch.

Available online.

Reusable Cotton Rounds (P200) from Paralúman

Low waste brand Paralúman offers cotton rounds that are half organic bamboo, half cotton. The brand turns over 50% of its profits to the senior citizens, single parents, PWDs, and unemployed individuals who make the pads by hand so you can benefit two different causes when you buy their products.

Available online or see a list of Paraluman stockists.

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