10 Great Finds for Small Spaces

Your tiny apartment doesn't have to feel cramped!

(SPOT.ph) Right now, you’re probably still setting aside your hard-earned cash in the hopes of one day building your dream home, but that doesn’t mean your current living space should be dismal. The state of your daily environment—whether it's a condo you're renting or the room you've had since you were a kid—can have a profound effect on your routine, overall mood, and mindset, so even if you’re living in a tiny apartment, trust us when we say even small, simple touches can make all the difference.

Here are 10 cool furniture pieces that make the most of small spaces:

Matt Test Tube Holder (P850) from Qach Lifestyle & Garden


Small spaces can often feel tight and enclosed so it’s best to brighten up your living area with some greenery. Skip the big vases and bulky plants and opt for this mini propagation station from Qach instead. You can keep a variety of small houseplants and flowers in the test tube-like glass cases and instantly add life and color to any room.

See a list of Qach branches.

Hawla (P10,000) from Casa Consunji

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This rattan stand from Casa Consunji is a table and accent piece in one. Place it alongside some mismatched chairs (or even bean bags) for a chill but #aesthetic living space. It measures just a little over two feet in diameter so it won’t take up much room. You can even use the space underneath to store magazines or other miscellaneous items.

Casa Consunji is at Unit 8-10, The Tent, Acacia Avenue, Acacia Estates, Taguig City.

Bowsket (P3,700) from Bow House

PHOTO BY Bow House

Pet parents, we know it can be tough to keep your place tidy when you’ve got a furry friend running around. Get them one of these cool pet baskets from Bow House so they have their own designated space in your home. It can function as a bed, play area, toy basket, and even whelping box. Plus, it won’t be an eyesore thanks to the gold grating and patterned mattress.

See a list of Bow House stockists.

Afteroom Bench (price available upon request) from Curio Cavern

PHOTO BY Curio Cavern

This minimalist bench from Curio Cavern comes with its own little side table attached so you can save yourself from having to buy two bulky furniture pieces. You can put a lamp, plant, or cute accent piece on the attached tabletop or use it to hold your drinks and snacks when you’re dining solo.

Curio Cavern is at Unit 127, LRI Design Plaza, Makati City.

Kirana Hamper (P1,600) from My Domesticity

PHOTO BY My Domesticity

Doll up your bathroom with this little hamper from My Domesticity. Not only will it barely take up any room, but it will also add a rustic touch to the space thanks to the dark-brown pandan material and Balinese-inspired glazed ceramic accent. It comes with a cover, too, so you can use it as a small table during the day. Fun fact: The brand uses materials indigenous to the Philippines in creating all their products!

Available online.

Bluetooth Diffuser (P4,500) from Tides Lifestyle

PHOTO BY Tides Lifestyle

Ambience is key when it comes to tiny spaces. Use this diffuser from Tides Lifestyle to make your room cozier with your fave essential oil and you’ll instantly feel the difference—the smaller the space, the quicker the scent will spread. It also has a built-in Bluetooth speaker to add to the overall vibe (and prevent you from having too many things on your tabletops). Don’t worry, the wood-finish exterior won’t look bulky or out-of-place.

Available online.

Metal Accent Table in Copper (P8,900) from Shelter

PHOTO BY Shelter

If you’re going for a modern look, this table from Shelter will make for a great side-table-slash-accent-piece next to your good ol’ couch for a look that’s reminiscent of Scandinavian interior design. The chic black-and-gold colorway will elevate the space and make it look like you really put some thought into the interiors.

Shelter is at 6/F East Wing, Shangri-La Plaza, Mandaluyong City.

Lounge Chair (P8,990) from Nooke


This small lounge chair from local lifestyle brand Nooke is perfect for your home’s boho aesthetic—the cream-colored canvas seat and mahogany wood look straight out of a beach house. It can even be folded up and stowed away in case you ever need to make extra space on the fly.

Available online.

48” Natural Rug (P5,900) from C&C


Rugs are a great way to add color and texture to a space without taking up any elbow room. Plus, having one in your living area instantly creates a casual sitting area in itself. Place this four-foot-long, round mat from C&C in the middle of any room for a rustic, laid-back feel—you won’t even need chairs when your friends come over.

Available online.

Wooden Wall Hooks (P895/set of four) from Desq Interiors

PHOTO BY Desq Interiors

The key to making the most of a small space is marrying style and function. Wall hooks might sound like the kind of thing you’d find at a hardware store, but you can use these convenient tools to your advantage by turning them into decor. These wooden pegs from Desq Interiors can add a modern-but-homey touch to your space and you can use them to hang ornaments or everyday essentials like hats, coats, and bags.

Available online.

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