10 Bras Every Girl Needs in Her Closet

They'll never let you down.

(SPOT.ph) It’s the unseen details that really make an outfit appear polished and put-together—the perfect fit of tailored pants, the smoothness of a pressed blouse, and the right underwear that makes the whole look seamless. Ladies, you know the struggle: you’ve got the perfect outfit, but just can’t find the right undies. Suddenly your OOTD feels off—bulky materials coming through fine fabrics, uncomfy wires poking you, strapless bras that keep slipping down. Bras are an investment that you can use over and over for years to come, so make sure you’ve got all the ones you need ready in your closet.

Here are 10 essential bras every girl should own:

Full Support Bra

Bra-llelujah Full Coverage Bra (P4,250)

A classic wired bra that offers ample coverage and support is probably already your go-to on regular days—you know you can rely on it for shape and lift even when you don’t have the time to think about your undies. To avoid discomfort or any awkward bulges, make sure you get measured when you go shopping. This neutral-toned, full coverage bra from Spanx might be a good place to start. It’s got a light, breathable padding for a comfortable, natural-looking wear, as well as a seamless construction that will ensure whatever you wear on top still looks smooth.


Available at Rustan's.

Push-Up Bra

Remix Cotton Push-Up Bra (P1,295)
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Need something to perk up your day? Besides caffeine, a push-up bra can give you that much-needed boost—nothing wrong with flaunting your assets, right? Whether or not you’re showing off the girls, a good push-up bra will help you fill your top in a little better for a more snug, tailored-looking fit. This one from La Senza has a plunging neckline that makes it work for a variety of tops. Plus, the soft cotton fabric and adjustable straps will ensure a super comfy fit.

See a list of La Senza branches.

Sports Bra

Stronger For It Racer Bra (P2,300)

Ladies, you probably know by now that you need the proper bra for exercise and strenuous activities—or at least we hope so. If you’re hopping back on the treadmill soon and need some new gear, try this sports bra from Adidas, which has a simple racer-back design that’ll go with any of your activewear pieces. It promises a high level of support (good for all cup sizes!) and a fabric that won’t get soaked even if you’re sweating. But be warned: Once you start buying cute sports bras, you might have a hard time stopping.

See a list of Adidas branches.

Nipple Tape

Nipple Tape (P179.75)

For clothes that have especially revealing silhouettes like backless tops or plunging necklines, nipple tape will be your best friend. Just stick one right on the center of the breast to hide anything, er, poking through, and you’re good to go. You can try these pasties from Bench, which are less than P200 for a reusable pair. No need to worry about any part of your bra making an unwanted appearance!


See a list of Bench branches.

Stick-On Bra

Self Adhesive Bra (P1,949)
PHOTO BY Impression

For tops made of thin material or skin-tight silhouettes that betray the bulk of your bra, a stick-on bra like this one from Impression is a good option to have in your closet. You’ll still get a flattering shape and protection on your chest area, but without any wires, straps, or bands. Plus, this one hooks from the front so you can adjust it to give you the perfect fit with just a bit of lift.

Available online.

Strapless Bra

Padded Multiway Strapless Bra (P2,450)
PHOTO BY Marks & Spencer

Do yourself a favor and leave clear bra straps in the early 2000s—strapless bras are a necessity for tubes, off-shoulder blouses, sleeveless tops, racer backs, and the like. This one from Marks & Spencer comes with removable straps that you can adjust accordingly to suit your top (great for asymmetrical necklines or halter tops) or that you can remove altogether. The sturdy underwire construction will secure hold and support on your bust so you won’t have to be pulling it up every five minutes.

See a list of Marks & Spencer branches.

Seamless Bra

Wireless Bra (P1,290)

You don’t know comfort until you’ve tried a seamless bra like this one from Uniqlo. The wireless design basically feels like you have nothing on underneath your top, but you still get the support and protection you need. Plus, they’re perfect for tight-fitting tops because you won’t have any bulky wires peeking through!


See a list of Uniqlo branches.


Non-Wired Push-Up Bralette (P899)

Do you ever get bummed that you spent so much on a really cute bra but no one will ever see it? Bralettes are the answer to this dilemma. Padded bralettes like this one from H&M can be worn just as you would a regular bra, but unlike most bras, they’re much more forgiving when it comes to peeking out. They typically resemble lacy tank tops so you can pair them with loose or low-hanging tops and let the lace pop out a bit to give a plain look a touch of allure.

See a list of H&M branches.

Lace Bra

Lace Bra (P1,450)
PHOTO BY Women'Secret

Lace doesn’t get enough credit for how functional it is as a fabric. The delicate stitching is not only very comfy, but looks great under clothes since it doesn’t add any extra bulk—try a lace bra like this one from Women’secret under a delicate fabric like satin or linen and you’ll instantly see the difference. Trust us when we say that even if no one can see your lace undies, having them on is a total confidence booster!

Available online; see a list of Women’secret branches.


Bandeau Top (P695)

Similar to bralettes, bandeau bras are usually made to be seen. A black or white one is a handy closet staple for any time you’d rather not have your girls spilling out of a low-hanging top. This one from Mango has a simple design with no frills or ruching, which makes it perfect to pair with pretty much anything. You can even wear it on its own as a tight crop top when you go out on weekends!


Available at Mango branches nationwide.

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