10 Pretty Desk Pads Perfect for the Anti-Planner

Can't commit to a planner?

(SPOT.ph) If you get a planner every single January but end up abandoning it three weeks into the New Year, then weekly journals are probably not for you. Want to make sure you’re still on top of your tasks without relying on a planner? You might want to try using desk pads instead! They’re handy and will fit right into your workspace—and the best part? They require zero commitment!

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Here are 10 useful desk pads perfect for the anti-planner:

B5 Daily Notes Pad: Your Story (P549) from Kikki K

PHOTO BY kikki k

This cute notepad from Kikki K doesn’t just help you keep track of all the things you have to do, it also reminds you to stay hydrated. There’s a cute water tracker on the bottom right to help you make sure you drink at least eight glasses of water every day. Apart from the water intake tracker, the pad also has a space dedicated for your notes, priorities, and things happening tomorrow, just so you’re always on top of your schedule.

Available at National Book Store.

Plan It: This Week Writing Pad (P29) from Papemelroti

PHOTO BY papemelroti
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Trying to live a greener lifestyle this 2020? This desk planner is made from 100% recycled paper, so that’s one small step you can take to live more sustainably. Designed by local graphic artist Elyse Alejandro Pilapil, this desk pad from Papemelroti lets you identify your main goal(s) for the week and provides a to-do list at the bottom to help you achieve the most important tasks. You can also plot your plans throughout the week so you can find everything in just one page. It’s about the size of a bond paper lengthwise, so it’s a great desk planner to keep on your workspace. 

See a list of Papemelroti stores.

Louise Ramos No Bad Days Desk Pad (P119) from Common Room

PHOTO BY common room

If you prefer having a monthly view of your plans, this desk calendar from Common Room designed by local artist Louise Ramos is right up your alley. The undated desk pad has space for you to jot down important events, meetings, and deadlines so you can focus on only what’s important. Plus, it comes in a cute design that’ll help you stay positive throughout the month!

See a list of Common Room stores.

Personality Notepads (P75/each) from Printcafe

PHOTO BY printcafe

Specially designed for different personalities, Printcafe’s Personality Notepads cater to your specific needs. They’ve got notepads for 34 personalities, but the Punctual Wizard and Workaholic are our faves. The Punctual Wizard lets you plan your day by the hour while the Workaholic lets you organize your day with a top priorities list and a blank space for other important tasks that need to get done. The desk pads come in cute pastel colors, so it might be a little hard not to hoard every single one—especially with that low price point.

 Available at National Book Store. 

Desk Pad (P170) from Sunday Paper Co.

PHOTO BY sunday paper co.

Looking for a classic writing pad? This one from Sunday Paper Co. is just what you need. It’s a no-nonsense notepad that features lined pages ideal for note-taking during important meetings—or you can also use it for random doodles and sketches whenever you get a little bored during said meetings. Each pad consists of 40 pages, enough to last you at least a month.

Available at Sunday Paper Co. stockists and online.

Polka Notepad (P195) from Type Scratch

PHOTO BY type scratch

If you rely a lot on to-do lists, you’ll love this cute notepad from Type Scratch. It comes in a cute polka-dot design that’ll uplift your mood and make you want to tick off every item on the list ASAP! Plus, it comes in a handy size so you can keep it on your work desk or toss it in your everyday bag. 

Available at Fully Booked, Scribe, Biblio, Fab Manila, and online.

Planner Pad A4 Weekly Life (P699) from Kikki K

PHOTO BY kikki k

Here’s a no-nonsense desk pad: Kikki K’s Weekly Life is basically a weekly planner in desk pad form. It has ample writing space for every day of the week so you can see all your plans in just one glance. It also has a space where you can sketch, doodle, or draw graphs—use it as you please!

 Available at National Book Store.

A2 Plan Ahead Planner (P809) from Typo

PHOTO BY zalora

Love ticking off stuff on to-do lists? This desk planner from Typo will make you want to accomplish everything you write in it, thanks to its to-do list-type layout per day. Apart from a weekly spread, it also has sections for your shopping lists, reminders, and other important notes. Plus, each page has an uplifting quote on top, so you’re reminded to have a great week despite all the things you have to do. 

Available on Zalora.

Memo Pad - Checklist (P85) from MUJI


You can count on MUJI for all things simple and functional—to-do lists, included. This memo pad checklist will make you focus on getting the job done, stat, and nothing else. You can use it as a to-do list, shopping list, errands list, or even a gift list to keep track of all the people you have to shop for once the holiday season begins again. 

See a list of MUJI stores.

2020 Calendar Pad (P280) from Belle De Jour

PHOTO BY belle de jour

See all your plans for the month in one glance with Belle De Jour’s 2020 Calendar Pad. It has a cute galaxy-inspired design that you can color in every month to add some fun to your plans! It’s undated, so you can start using it anytime. It even has a special notes section for when you want to jot down important reminders. You can also use it as a weekly planner with a vertical layout—talk about multitasking!

Available online.

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