10 Mother's Day Gift Ideas That Don’t Require Delivery

You can still celebrate her special day at home!

(SPOT.ph) Just because we’re in the middle of a pandemic doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate important occasions. With everything that’s going on, you might have forgotten that Mother’s Day is already on Sunday, May 10—but because we’re still under enhanced community quarantine, this means we’ll have to make do with celebrations at home. It’s a good thing that there are places that deliver cakes, but if you want to get your mom something special but are not sure where to shop or if it’ll even get delivered on time, we round up some ideas we’re pretty sure your mom will love—and they don’t require waiting for delivery!

Check out these neat gift ideas Mom will love:

Paper Flowers

Can’t go out to buy Mom a bouquet of flowers? You can try making your own—using paper! The best part about paper bouquets is that they won’t wilt away. You just need five things: colored paper, scissors, glue, a coin, and a pen. It’s super easy to make, too! We suggest choosing three different colors and making a dozen of flowers for a colorful bouquet that will really brighten up Mom’s day.


Herb Garden

Here’s a cool little project you can start for your mom: Make her an herb garden! See what items you can find at home for your herb garden, whether it’s a crate or a basket, some jars or pots, and make do with them. This easy tutorial teaches you how to transplant existing herbs but you can also always start with seeds, if that’s all you have at home. Don’t forget to create labels for each jar or pot so Mom knows what type of herb is growing!

Brush-Lettering Card

When was the last time you gave Mom a card that you made from scratch? Make it meaningful by learning a new skill like brush-lettering for a card that’s beautiful and made with love! You just need a paper, some watercolor, and a brush pen. If you don’t have a brush pen, you can use any watercolor brush and just practice how to do the strokes! Don’t forget to write a message inside. The goal is to make her cry tears of joy!

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Digital Portrait Illustration

Give Mom the gift of a new display picture made by her very own offspring (we just know she’ll proudly caption it “Made by my wonderful kid” even if you are a full-grown adult). All you need is Adobe Photoshop and a photo of your mom that you want to turn into a digital portrait. Just open your chosen image, and just follow the settings in the demo video to transform your photo. You can even add a message at the bottom of your work, if you want!



If your mom’s a bookworm and she’s running out of reads at home, you might want to consider treating her to an online e-book shopping spree. You have several places to shop from, like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, and Google Play Books, to name a few. If you’re willing to wait a bit, you can even order physical books from Fully Booked or National Book Store and have them delivered.



Since it might be a while till you and Mom can go on a spa date, why not set up a sparty for her at home? Just pick up some sheet masks (or make your own!), make a soak for a foot spa, and create a relaxing ambience by lighting up some scented candles. You can even offer to give her a back massage to really make her feel relaxed on her special day!

Face Mask

PHOTO BY maison metisse

Make sure your mom stays protected at all times by giving her a face mask she wouldn’t be able to resist—a.k.a. one that’s made by her kid! It’s a good thing that making your own face mask is easy. Just find a pretty piece of cloth (preferably one that’s water-repellant on one side) and follow this step-by-step guide on how to make your own mask.

Tote Bag


If your mom loves carrying around tote bags, then a personalized tote by you is something she’d be happy to receive. Whether you have a plain canvas bag lying around the house or an existing tote with minimal design, you can use textile paint and personalize it with your mom’s name—you can do this by hand with a brush or if you’re feeling extra creative (and if you have the materials), you can silkscreen your own design for a more profesh look!

Down Dog Yoga Membership

PHOTO BY down dog

Help Mom stay sane, healthy, and physically fit by encouraging her to do some home exercises like yoga—she doesn’t have to worry about not having experience in the workout because there are apps like Down Dog (AndroidiOS)! The app—that acts like a personal yoga trainer—features different types of yoga and lets you customize the workout session, from the duration to the voice to the background music. One-month membership is priced at P499 while a one-year subscription is priced at P2,990. Subscribing to Down Dog Yoga also gives your mom access to Down Dog’s other workout apps like Down Dog HIIT, Down Dog Barre, 7-Minute, and Prenatal—she’ll never run out of workouts to try!

Surprise Zoom Party


Technology makes it easy to stay connected even when we’re away from our loved ones. If you don’t live with your mom or you have siblings that are far away, you can consider doing a surprise Zoom party for your mom. Make it even a bigger celebration by inviting your cousins and their families and surprise all the moms all at once! Just start a call, send the link to everyone, and when mom’s all set in front of the computer, let everyone in the call and watch her surprised reaction! Level it up by preparing a program with games that everyone can play during the call. Think, charades, longest breath, word association, et cetera. Don’t forget to dress up and "bring" food and drinks, too!

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