The 10 Best Wireless Speakers for Every Budget

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( Whether you’re feeling down or simply bored out of your wits, we know just the thing that’ll boost your mood: music! In fact, studies have proven that music can improve your mood and even prevent depression. If you hate the feeling of uncertainty, all you have to do is think back to a time in your life when you were happy, remember the songs that you associate with that time, and play them to lift your spirits! And because you’re probably spending more time at home these days, you might want to invest in good speakers to help you set the tone of your day. On a budget? Don’t worry. We list the best speakers you can get no matter your budget.


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Check out the best wireless speakers for every budget:

Angle 3 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (P1,999) from OontZ

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Looking for a wireless speaker that won’t break the bank? The Angle 3 from OontZ is a popular pick. It comes in a triangular prism shape and is available in various colors like black, white, red, orange, purple, and more. The Angle 3 promises crystal-clear sound and a surprisingly loud volume that can fill any room with music. It’s also rain-proof, splash-proof, and shower-proof so you can listen to your fave jams while taking a bath. 

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Available online. 

Soundcore 2 Bluetooth Speaker (P2,990) from Anker

PHOTO BY anker

This Bluetooth speaker from Anker comes in a no-nonsense design that’s easily portable so you can easily move it around your home. It’s equipped with Anker’s BassUp technology, which means it can produce deeper bass, giving the speaker a wide and balanced audio range for crisp sound quality. Plus, it offers 24 hours of battery life which means you can listen to music all day long without having to charge! 


Available on Lazada. 

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2 Waterproof Super Portable Wireless Speaker (P3,990) from Logitech

PHOTO BY logitech

Don’t underestimate this baby—it might look small and cute, but it’s a popular choice for those looking for affordable yet powerful wireless speakers. The Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2 from Logitech offers high-quality sound no matter where you are. It offers 360-degree sound, up to 13 hours of playtime, and surprisingly loud volume despite its petite size. The portable speakers are also waterproof and dust-proof, perfect if you’re looking for something that can endure any kind of activity. 


Available on Lazada. 

XB22 EXTRA BASS™ Portable Bluetooth Speaker (P5,999) from Sony


This speaker from Sony doesn’t have “EXTRA BASS” in its name for nothing. It offers a cool Live Sound feature that lets you listen to music like it’s being played live wherever you are. It even lights up with pulsing color that syncs to the beat to really help you vibe whether you’re chilling in your room or at a small get-together. Plus, it’s dust-proof, waterproof, and shock-proof, offering durability no matter the situation. 


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Flip 5 (P6,999) from JBL


The Flip 5 wireless speaker is one of JBL’s bestsellers and it’s easy to see why. It’s simple, compact, and packs a punch despite its relatively handy size. This lightweight speaker promises to deliver booming bass and is designed to be waterproof, so you won’t have to worry about getting it wet when you’re in the shower or by the pool. It comes in a rainbow of colors, so you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for your style!


Available online.

Rålis (P12,990) from Urbanears

PHOTO BY urbanears

We’re pretty sure you did a double-take because at first glance, these speakers from Urbanears look like a boxy purse. But hey, if you’re looking for speakers that produce high-quality sound, these cool speakers are right up your alley. Featuring a sleek Scandi design, this box-like speaker offers multi-directional sound for a rich and spatial listening experience. On a full charge, the Rålis speakers can give you over 20 hours of playtime. It has a multi-host play feature which lets two Bluetooth devices control the music (three if you want to use the AUX cord!). This speaker also has a built-in powerbank, which you can use to juice up your phone while you’re playing music.


Available at Beyond the Box.

SoundLink Revolve Bluetooth (P13,000) from Bose


This pint-sized speaker from Bose is packed with technology that promises to elevate your listening experience. It’s specially designed to produce a 360-degree sound coverage so you get the same sound experience no matter where you are or where you place it in the room. The speaker is also water-resistant and designed with soft materials that act as bumpers so you won’t have to worry about knocking it over. It’s also equipped with Bose SimpleSync™ technology, which means you can group two or more speakers together and play the same tunes so you can enjoy the same music in different rooms!


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Omni 10 Plus (P13,999) from Harman Kardon

PHOTO BY harman kardon

Harman Kardon’s Omni 10 Plus speaker has a sleek design that’ll fit right into your home! Don’t be fooled, because this spherical speaker produces high-definition audio so you can listen to music the way it’s intended to sound. It has a built-in Chromecast which means you can also cast from your favorite radio stations and podcasts. If you have other Harman Kardon speakers, you can link them with a few taps so you can listen to the same music wherever you are in your home.


Available online.

Kilburn II Bluetooth Wireless Portable Speaker (P20,990) from Marshall

PHOTO BY marshall

Love the rugged look? Marshall’s Killburn II speaker will fit right into your aesthetic—not to mention, while offering high-quality sound at the same time. It may be small in size, but promises to produce multi-directional sound with a clear mid-range, deep bass, and extended highs that will really immerse you in your favorite tracks. The top panel of the speaker features analog control knobs for bass, treble, and volume so you can customize and fine-tune sound to your exact liking. A full charge can give you over 20 hours of playtime, so don’t let its compact size fool you. It also has a quick-charge feature, which means a 20-minute charge can give you three hours of playtime—pretty powerful, if you ask us! 


Available on Lazada.

Beolit 17 (P29,900) from B&O Play

PHOTO BY b&o play

This powerful speaker features B&O Play’s True360 omni directional, which means you can enjoy the same high-quality sound no matter where you are or where the speaker is placed in your home. Cool, right? This Bluetooth speaker comes with a handle made from full-grain leather that ages beautifully over time—it adds to the speaker’s portability, too. Oh, did we mention that it has a 24-hour battery life?


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