These Nifty Bands Will Keep Your Face Mask From Hurting Your Ears

( In Japan, it was commonplace to see people wearing protective face masks outdoors even before the COVID-19 pandemic—a public observance that began with the H1N1 epidemic in 2009. Here in the Philippines, however, not so much. That being said, if you've had to take time to get used to the fabric on your face and struggled to find the perfect one for you, no shame in that. Here's something to help make the adjustment a little easier: local brand 3 Saints Apparel makes what they call Earsavers—some handy elastic bands you can attach to your masks to stop them from hurting your ears!


The Earsavers are basically a thick fabric band with buttons on either side that you can attach to the elastics on your face mask. Once you've attached your mask, you can anchor the Earsaver to the back of your head and position the mask on your face accordingly. This will prevent any chafing or scratching against the back of your ears while also keeping your mask secure. The Earsavers' stretchy construction promises a snug and comfortable fit. They come in a variety of colors and you can cop each for just P15—you may want to to shop one for everyone in your household!

Here's a closer look:

PHOTO BY 3 Saints Apparel
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Here's what it looks like when you wear it.
PHOTO BY 3 Saints Apparel

You can order the Earsavers through 3 Saints Apparel's Facebook page for P15 each.

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