This Compact UV Cabinet Can Disinfect Your Everyday Essentials

Plus points for its cute design!

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( Remember the days when disinfecting and sterilizing items were done only at clinics and hospitals? These days, it's important that every single person disinfects and sanitizes common items frequently to prevent the spread of the virus. One way you can do that is by getting a pocketable UV wand so you can disinfect items wherever you go. You can also consider investing in a UV cabinet so you can just dump all your everyday essentials in it before you leave the house and as soon as you get home. We know where you can get one: UVi Buddy's UV Sterilizer is a compact disinfecting cabinet that can help keep all your essentials squeaky clean.

UV Sterilizer in Blue
PHOTO BY uvi buddy ph

The UV Sterilizer can fit any tabletop and is designed to sterilize baby bottles, but with its Disinfect Mode (which involves emitting UVC light for 30 minutes), it can also be used to disinfect things like face masks, mobile phones, keys, cash, and more. UVC is the most damaging type of UV ray, so it can effectively kill bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens, making it a great extra step in making sure the things you touch are free of harmful microorganisms.

The UV Sterilizer has ample space for your everyday essentials.
PHOTO BY uvi buddy ph
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The UV Sterilizer is also available in pink!
PHOTO BY uvi buddy ph

See how it works:

You can get the UVi Buddy UV Sterilizer for P7,500 online.

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