This Super Cute Mini Fridge Is Perfect for Your Bedroom

It has a built-in speaker, too!

PHOTO BY ccomo korea website ILLUSTRATION warren espejo

( Now that we're all mostly stuck indoors, you've probably been thinking about revamping your space so that staying in for long periods of time becomes a bit more bearable. Whether you've been shopping for #aesthetic home decor or getting new dinnerware and kitchen essentials that'll make your food pics look amazing, here's something you'll want to add to your bedroom: Line Friends Mini Fridge from Korean store Ccomo.

This irresistible mini fridge is designed after well-loved Line Friends characters like Brown and Sally. They're small enough to fit your kitchen counter or your bedside. You can use it to store water or your favorite drinks so you won't have to walk all the way to the kitchen in the middle of the night (we know how scary that can get, LOL) or use it as storage for your skincare products, too! It'll help keep your moisturizers and face masks cool, making your skincare routine extra refreshing.


Check it out:

Line Friends Brown and Sally Mini Fridge (498,000 Korean won, roughly P20,600)
PHOTO BY ccomo korea website
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How cute does Sally look right next to your bed?
PHOTO BY ccomo korea website
Having a mini fridge so close to the bed makes your skincare routing extra convenient.
PHOTO BY ccomo korea website
Look how much the mini fridge can store!
PHOTO BY ccomo korea website

Apart from keeping your skincare products and favorite drinks and snacks cool, the mini fridge also has a built-in Bluetooth speaker so you can use it to blast your favorite tunes in your bedroom. Plus, you can add a UV-C sterilization kit, which you can use to disinfect your gadgets like your phone, earphones, keys, cash, and more. The Line Friends Mini Fridge is available in Korea, but we're crossing our fingers this cool find makes its way to Philippine shores soon!

For more information, log on to Ccomo's Instagram page.

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