This Online Store Sells DIY Kits for Growing Your Own Basil

Start your own "Bahay Kubo" at home.

PHOTO BY instagram/Fresh Picks Manila; pixabay/monicore

( The pandemic has forced most of us to stay home, tinkering with whatever we have lying around or ordering what we needed online. New hobbies range from tie-dyeing your old white shirts to crocheting a small pouch and things like sprucing up an old journal to installing vinyl wallpaper in your bedroom. Others have gone the practical route by starting their own herb or vegetable garden to have an unlimited supply of fresh produce for their next kitchen takeover. And if you're just starting to get into gardening at home, Fresh Picks Manila sells do-it-yourself plant kits with everything you need to grow your own basil, pechay, and more.


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Fresh Picks Manila's Starter Kits include a coco pot, seed starting soil, seed of your choice, a 30-day plant guide, and access to a video tutorial. You don't have to worry about mixing your own soil with the right amount of fertilizer and coco peat because it's pre-mixed for you. All you have to do is dump the seed starting soil in a coco pot, put some seeds near the surface, and you're good to start your own "Bahay Kubo" at home. (Of course, you have to follow the plant guide carefully, too.)

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Price range for kits range from P129 to P149. You can choose from the available seeds: basil, spinach, pechay, green pepper, tomato, okra, green pepper, and red pepper. Payment can be done via bank transfer, Paypal, or cash on delivery, while processing takes two to three working days. Some herbs and vegetables are easy to grow indoors, just make sure that they get some sun from your window or your balcony. 

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