The Best Desk Chairs for Every Budget

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( We’ll make a wild guess and say that as you are reading this, your back is probably hurting from sitting behind your computer all day long. You could be young and experiencing back pains like an old man or you could be an old man experiencing back pains because, well, life. In any case, if you feel like upgrading your home office and improving your work-from-home experience, you might want to consider getting a legit office chair. On a budget? Don’t worry, we got your back (pun intended). We scoured for the best office chairs you can get for every price point. 

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In need of an office chair? There's one for every budget: 

P5,000 and under

Ofix Deluxe-5H High Back Mesh Chair (P2,499) from Ofix


This chair from Ofix has a tilt-lock mechanism which lets you adjust the position of your chair and keep it that way as you please. It has adjustable seat height, backrest angle adjustment, and fixed lumbar support. Take your pick from four colors: black, purple, red, and blue.

Available online. 

Addison Low Back Chair (P3,400) from Mandaue Foam

PHOTO BY mandaue foam
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The Addison Low Back Chair from Mandaue Foam features a mesh backrest and a soft foam cushion providing breathability and comfort. The ergonomically designed swivel chair offers a three-position synchronous mechanism which lets you adjust the position of the chair for comfort and lock it to optimize comfort. Plus, its light color scheme is perfect for home offices with clean looks. 

Available online. 

P5,001 to P10,000

Gringo Staff Chair (P5,450) from HandO Furniture

PHOTO BY hando furniture

Looking for an office chair with a wide back? The Gringo Staff Chair from HandO Furniture is right up your alley. It has a broad mesh back-rest for comfort and has a seat cushion for soft support. The office chair has an adjustable seat height and fixed armrests, too. The chair comes in two colors: black and bluish gray.

Available online.

High Back Office Chair (P5,995) from True Value

PHOTO BY true value

This sleek office chair from True Value has a seat and back made from a single piece for a sophisticated look. The swivel chair features an adjustable seat and a tiltable back so you can lean back for comfort. It comes in a gray color that’s easy on the eyesperfect for light-colored workspaces.

Available online.

Europa Executive Chair (P6,645) from WF Home

PHOTO BY wf home

This ergodynamic chair from WF Home has a mesh-fabric upholstery for comfort and breathability and a reclining backrest which you can lock in any position. Plus, it's got an adjustable lumbar support height and adjustable headrest, as well as a high back so you can find the best position for long work hours.

Available online.

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P10,001 to P20,000

CradlePro Ergonomic Office Chair (P13,990) from Stance Philippines

PHOTO BY stance philippines

The CradlePro Ergonomic Office Chair from Stance Philippines combines style, function, and comfort in one swivel chair. It features a full-back that you can recline and lock in three different positions, as well as a headrest, armrests, and seat height that are all adjustable. You're sure to find the most comfortable position that you can stay in all day long.

Available online.

IKEA Alejfäll (P19,020) from Cozy Home


If you’re all about making your home office look super #aesthetic, you’ll want to invest in this gorgeous swivel chair. IKEA’s Alefjäll office chair, which you can order from Cozy Home, comes in three colors: beige, golden brown, and black so you're sure to find one that'll fit right into the look you're going after. The leather chair will develop a gorgeous patina overtime, which means it'll age beautifully in your home office. It provides ample cushioning for comfort—both seat and back-rest are adjustable, so you can find the perfect position while you're working.

Available online.

Above P20,000 a.k.a. Ridiculously Expensive Chairs (that are worth it)

Aeron (P40,000 from P80,000) from Herman Miller

PHOTO BY herman miller

This list wouldn’t be complete without the coveted Herman Miller Aeron chair. The popular swivel chair now has a refined tilt mechanism, adjustable PostureFit SL™, and 8Z Pellicle® suspension, which all work together to provide ultimate comfort. The chair offers a zonal support which basically helps distribute weight evenly while the PostureFit SL™ helps you maintain proper sitting posture as it mimics a healthy standing position as you sit. Meanwhile, the 8Z Pellicle® suspension material helps provide and maintain a comfortable temperature, allowing air, body heat, and water vapor to pass through the seat and back. So yup, you could say this chair was designed for ultimate comfort! 


Available at CWC.

Leap (U.S. $1,046, roughly P50,350) from Steelcase

PHOTO BY steelcase

Here’s an office chair that you can truly make your own: the popular Leap swivel chair from Steelcase. You can configure the color of the upholstery (they have a wide range of colors available) as well as the frame and base color. They also have two types of wheels: for carpet and for hard floors. Apart from that, you can also opt to change the armrests to fully adjustable ones, height-adjustable ones, or if you’d rather get it armless. Same goes for the headrest. Cool, right? Aside from the Leap office chair being fully customizable, the chair itself is also ergonomically designed—it features Steelcase’s LiveBack® technology which changes shape to mimic the movement of the spine while supporting your body’s every move. 

Available at Ultra Modular.

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