These Eco-Friendly Gift Cards Can Be Planted and Grown Into Spinach

No need to waste paper when you're giving out gifts!

( With the sheer amount of packages you've had delivered this year, you've probably realized just how much paper and plastic waste is created as a result of each item you order. With that in mind, you may be brainstorming about small ways you can help minimize the waste you've generated. Here's something to try that will help make the upcoming holiday season a little more eco-friendly: local brand Paperblooms makes plantable gift tags, which can be grown into spinach!

Here's how these nifty cards works: Each of Paperblooms' plantable gift tags has at least 30 spinach seeds infused into the cardboard. That way, after a loved one receives a present with the card attached, they can tear up the tag and plant it in soil where, with the right care, it will grow into spinach. It's almost like giving an extra gift along with your original present—the plantitas and plantitos in your life would especially appreciate the gesture. Plus, it'll help minimize the waste that often gets generated from gift-wrapping during the holiday season. You can get a pack of 10 plantable gift cards for just P99!


Check out the cute designs you can shop:

PHOTO BY Facebook/paperbloomsph
PHOTO BY Facebook/paperbloomsph
PHOTO BY Facebook/paperbloomsph
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PHOTO BY Facebook/paperbloomsph
PHOTO BY Facebook/paperbloomsph

And here's a peek at the spinach plant you can grow with each card:


You can order Paperblooms' plantable gift tags by sending a message to their Facebook page.

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