These Ceramic Face Mugs Are the Cutest Things You'll See Today

Ceramic artist Iori Espiritu tells us about the adorable merch at Masa Studio.

PHOTO BY Instagram/masa.ceramics

There's something about handmade things that makes them all more special and unique. Perhaps it's the sense of collecting one-of-a-kind items we know we'll love a long time.


Have a soft spot for adorable ceramic ware? You're in luck! Instagram shop Masa Studio is home to cool face mugs, and if you're curious about the stories behind these items, got to catch up with Iori Espiritu, the talented potter behind the brand and talked all about her love for the craft and the products on her page.

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Espiritu's relationship with clay is a personal one. Her first foray into the craft started back in 2008, when she learned the basics from the Pettyjohn Pottery Workshop—which unfortunately closed after she finished with her classes. Years later, Espiritu "rekindled her love with clay." She tells Preview, "I got diagnosed with lupus and tried my hands on pottery again as a form of art therapy." Espiritu hasn't stopped making ceramics since, and her obsession led her to opening her own studio in 2014.


Before Espiritu was a potter, she was first a children's book illustrator. Hence, her visual aesthetics have transcended from books to ceramics. In the pottery world, Espiritu's face mugs are distinctly cutesy, like they're lifted and fashioned after a storybook character.

"Each piece is made by hand—from forming to painting—so no two pieces are alike. I also like to play and experiment with colors and forms, so there is always something new to look forward to," Espiritu shares. She adds that her face mugs have already gone through several iterations. "It's just interesting to see how style develops or changes through time or what else can be done [to make it more unique]."


It is because of this creative pursuit to bring her customers a rare piece that has lead many Instagram shoppers to flock her online store. But it's a fib to say that Espiritu doesn't feel exhaustion. "I've burned myself out a couple of times. I used to say yes whenever there's a request for commission works and orders but I couldn't keep up and it takes a toll on my body," she admits. Now, she's enforced a better system to keep up. "What I do now is just make within my limits and people can just choose from what's available. This gives me less pressure and I get to enjoy the making process at my own pace."


So, if you're wondering when you can get your hands on one of Espiritu's face mugs, all we can say is that good things come to those who wait. Keep your notifs on to get alerts on when she's dropping a new collection. Oh, and a word from the artist herself: "I'll be restocking around [the] second week October!" Mark your calendars.


Espiritu's ceramic pieces range from P700 to P1,500.

For more information, log on to Iori's Instagram shop, Masa Studio.

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