This Nifty Retro-Chic Bluetooth Speaker Can Also Play CDs

Still have your old CDs sitting at home?

( These days, you can play any song or album you feel like listening to with just a few taps on your phone screen. However, despite the convenience of music streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music, there's something to be missed about listening to tunes through a CD player. We bet you still have memories of shelves upon shelves filled with CDs of all genres lining your house. In case you still kept your old faves, here's how you can listen to them at home: This "vintage" music player from Cruff MNL is both a CD player and Bluetooth speaker!

Unlike the bulky old stereo setup your parents probably had in their living room back in the day, this compact music player won't take up much space so you can easily keep it on your desk. Use it to play your old, beloved CDs—or even new ones if you still prefer buying physical copies of your favorite music. And in case you don't own the CD of an artist or album you feel like listening to, you can always kick it new-school and connect your phone to the device through Blueooth, aux cord, or USB port and blast your tunes without having to switch to a different speaker altogether.


If you feel like being extra old-school, the device can also be used to listen to FM radio. It comes in three shades: white (P2,800), black (P2,800), and our personal favorite, pink (P2,999). 

You can order Cruff MNL's vintage music player by filling out the order form featured on their Instagram page.

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