This Cool Desk-Slash-Stationary Bike Is Perfect for People Who Sit All Day

Burn calories while working from home!

( We know diehard fitness junkies love to say that there's no excuse for not making time to exercise each day, but hey, we get it if you're struggling. Squeezing in a 30-minute jog or an hour of ab exercises after a grueling day of work is no easy feat, especially if you're just starting out. What if we told you that you could actually burn calories while going about your busy day at your home office? Yup, it's possible: FlexiSpot has a Desk Bike, which is basically a stationary bike with a work desk built into it. That way you can get your daily workout in without having to wait until after you clock out!

Desk Bike (P26,000)
PHOTO BY FlexiSpot Philippines

This cool piece of equipment looks straight out of the future: it features a standard stationary bike design, but instead of the usual handles, you'll find a flat surface on top where you could easily fit your laptop, planner, or whatever you use to get work done each day. That way, you won't have to wake up extra early or force yourself to exercise in the evening just to burn a few calories. Don't worry, the bike is adjustable, so you'll fit into it comfortably no matter your size. You'll be active for hours a day and you'll barely even notice!

You can use the desk bike for other activities like painting, drawing, or anything else that requires a table.
PHOTO BY FlexiSpot Philippines
It's built with wheels so you can easily bring it anywhere around the house if you want to use it for activities like video games or watching movies on your TV.
PHOTO BY FlexiSpot Philippines
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It also comes in black.
PHOTO BY FlexiSpot Philippines

Just in case you already have a desk at home that you love working on, FlexiSpot also has an Under Desk Bike in their lineup. You can fit it under your desk like you would a chair and start exercising ASAP. Note that you would need a fairly high table (most likely a standing table) to use the device effectively. In case you don't have one, you can also make the desk you already own higher with a standing desk or foldable tabletop desk.

Under Desk Bike (P23,000)
PHOTO BY FlexiSpot Philippines
It works with regular desks, too—just use a foldable tabletop desk to elevate your laptop.
PHOTO BY FlexiSpot Philippines

You can shop FlexiSpot's Desk Bike's through their website.

For more information, log on to FlexiSpot Philippines' Facebook page.

Looking for desks perfect for small spaces? Here's one worth checking out: the Micke Personal Desk from IKEA, which you can order from Mobel!


Here's a closer look at the desk:

Micke Personal Desk (P5,500) 

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