10 Monochromatic Tumblers for Your Minimalist Aesthetic

In case you prefer to keep it low-key.

minimalist tumblers
PHOTO BY Lock and Lock, Stojo, KeepCup ILLUSTRATION War Espejo

(SPOT.ph) Over the past decade or so, the use of non-disposable, travel-friendly drinkware has become more and more widespread. Sure, tumblers, travel mugs, and water bottles have been around for ages—most of us have been using them since preschool at least—but they’ve enjoyed a more apparent cultural presence in the 2010s and beyond. Consider the fact that certain types of tumblers can be associated with specific lifestyles or aesthetic choices (the "VSCO girl" is a great example) or that a water bottle can double as an accessory in itself the way a Starbucks cup would—you might even call it a status symbol. That’s because the tumbler, as we know it today, is comfortably situated in its own little corner of the post-Instagram economy—one that demands for aesthetics to matter in every possible facet of life, even in the way you drink water. As The Economic Times' Sarah Halzack writes, "whole product categories have benefitted from the photo-centric world that Instagram has created"—and yes, tumblers are no exception.


Accordingly, you most likely opened this article in search of tumblers, reusable cups, and water bottles in designs that fit into what you would consider your own personal aesthetic; in this case, minimalist, understated, low-key, laid-back, normcore, or whatever you want to call it. We’re certainly not here to condemn the tumbler’s place in culture today or your desire to own one for that very reason. But hey, if a tumbler is now its own kind of fashion statement then, like all great fashion trends and movements, it deserves some cultural context—the list below wouldn’t exist without it. 

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These are minimalist tumblers to shop if you love understated, monochromatic designs:

Day Off Tumbler (P1,800) from Kinto

Day Off Tumbler from Kinto

Japanese tableware brand Kinto is known for their line of travel-friendly tumblers and coffee cups. Each one features a no-frills silhouette composed of clean lines and curved corners, perfectly encapsulating the minimalist philosophy of Japanese design. The stylishly bare-bones Day Off Tumbler is a popular pick from their line and one of our faves from the entire selection. It sports a soft matte finish from top to bottom with a curved handle crowning the bottle as its defining feature. 

Available online.

Classic Bottle (P1,079) from Acqua

Classic Bottle from Acqua

We’ve got major heart eyes for Acqua’s line of sleek tumblers decked out in candy-colored pastels. Each bottle features a soft matte finish from base to handle, making for a clean monochromatic design that lets your color of choice shine on all sides and from all angles. Plus, each of their stainless-steel tumblers has double-wall insulation, which can keep your drinks cold for up to 24 hours or hot for up to 12.

Available online.

Metro Tumbler (P1,800) from Lock and Lock

Metro Tumbler from Lock and Lock
PHOTO BY Lock and Lock

You probably know South Korean homeware brand Lock and Lock best for their functional food containers, but we were pleasantly surprised to learn that they’ve also got some #aesthetic life essentials in their arsenal. They went the minimalist route with the release of the sleek, monochromatic Metro Tumblers, which are available in pink, navy, and gray and can keep your drinks cold for up to 38 hours or hot for up to 12. We’re in love with the fuss-free, form-meets-function design!

Available on Lock and Lock's website and Lazada.

Demita Wallmug (P595) from Rivers

Demita Wallmug from Rivers

Drinkware brand Rivers specializes in both coffee-making tools and reusable cups and bottles perfect for holding your fresh brews. We’re currently eyeing the Japanese brand’s chic monochromatic Demita Wallmug, which could easily replace the single-use takeout cups from your fave cafe. The double-walled structure promises to keep your drink warm while also protecting your hand from getting scalded. Plus, its twist-to-seal lid lets you carry your coffee around without having to worry about spills and drips. 

Available online.

Insulated Bottle (P999) from Kool

Insulated Bottle from Kool

Protective silicone boots or sleeves are a must-have for anyone with a true tumbler obsession. Not only do they add a cute accessory to your bottle of choice, but they also protect it from bumps and scratches. If you’re looking for a cute tumbler-and-boot combo that won’t break the bank, check out Kool’s collection of insulated bottles. These double-walled, vacuum-insulated tumblers promise to keep your beverages cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12. Plus, they each come with a removable silicone bumper on the bottom in a shade that matches the tumbler perfectly—you can choose from six pretty shades. Best part? Each bottle is only P999—bumper included!

Available online.

Spruce Thermal (P1,600/6 oz; P1,800/12 oz; P1,900/16 oz) from KeepCup

Spruce Thermal from KeepCup
PHOTO BY Cupping Initiative

KeepCup, dubbed "the world's first barista-standard reusable coffee cup" is a favorite among diehard caffeine addicts. The Australian brand, which was founded in 2009, was an early purveyor of the now-ubiquitous reusable coffee cup and has remained a popular pick with its own cult-following over a decade later. Their signature and most-well known piece resembles a takeout coffee cup and is available in a variety of colorways and material components. For your minimalist aesthetic, we suggest their monochromatic thermal mug, which is vacuum-insulated and made from stainless steel. It’s available in several sizes and hues—we’re currently loving this mini blue cup!

Available at the KeepCup kiosk in Podium Mall and on Cupping Initiative's website.

Porter Glass (P1,600) from W&P

Porter Glass from W&P

W&P’s Porter Glass, which is composed of a curved glass body and protective silicone casing, is made specifically for wine and cocktails—but don’t worry, you can use it for water or coffee, too. It’s a great option if you prefer tumblers and reusable cups that are as close to regular drinking glasses as possible, but with the bonus being travel-friendly. The glass combines two textures—matte silicone with glossy glass—to create a sleek, modern beverage container that you can get in a variety of colors.

Available online.

Collapsible Bottles (P1,450) from Stojo

Collapsible Bottles from Stojo
PHOTO BY Instagram/tobiasinyaki

New York-based brand Stojo's signature Collapsible Bottles come in a variety of colors including pink, peach, mint, yellow, teal, blue, lilac, and more so you're sure to find a color that matches your aesthetic. Each holds up to 20 oz. of water in a compact, monochromatic bottle that's perfect for minimalists. When you're not using the bottle, you can fold it down into a compact spherical shape that would easily fit in your bag. Just whip it out whenever you need a refill throughout the day!

Available online.

Dipped Canteen in Blackout (P1,450) from Corkcicle

Dipped Canteen in Blackout from Corkcicle
PHOTO BY Corkcicle

This Corkcicle tumbler is the perfect pick if you’re loyal to the ever-popular all-black-everything aesthetic. True to its name, the Dipped Canteen looks as though its slim frame was submerged in pitch-black paint. The metallic shade pristinely coats every inch of the bottle, resulting in a tumbler that’s at once clean and no-nonsense, but also bold and futuristic.

Available at Corkcicle stores in SM Megamall and Ayala Malls Vertisn North, Rustan's, and on Lazada and Shopee.

12 oz. Reusable Cup (P1,400) from Frank Green

12 oz. Reusable Cup from Frank Green
PHOTO BY Frank Green

The delicate curves and capsule-like silhouette of Frank Green’s signature reusable cups give each piece an understated elegance and a fresh contemporary feel. The no-frills shape works to subtly complement and enhance whatever hue the mini tumbler sports. Their color-blocked cups are a popular pick, but if you prefer something a little more low-key (but just as chic), opt for one of their monochromatic, matte-finish cups. You can get it in pastel shades of pink, blue, yellow, green, and more as well as in neutrals like black, white, and gray.

Available online.

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