Make Great Brews Minus the Fuss With This Itty-Bitty Coffee Press

It requires no electricity or single-use coffee filters!

( We recently showed you a cool portable coffee maker you can shop now in case you want to get into home brewing, but don't have the space for a full-blown espresso machine. Here's another handheld device you may want to consider: The Trinity Zero coffee maker from Trinity Coffee Co. lets you brew strong, delicious cups of coffee without the need for electricity, coffee filters, or lots of countertop space. You can get it from a local online shop called Method Brewers, which is a great source for coffee-making tools and accessories of all kinds!

Coffee Maker

Coffee Maker
It's great for making single servings of your favorite brew. 
PHOTO BY Trinity Coffee Co.

The Trinity Zero was introduced to the home-brewing market in late 2020 through project-funding company Kickstarter. The patented coffee press promises to help even newbie brewers make full-bodied coffee in less time with no fuss. The carefully designed device does away with any bells and whistles, creating a coffee press with just the essentials.


Here's how it works: The Trinity Zero can be separated into three pieces—the pump, the water chamber, and the coffee basket. To brew a fresh cup of coffee, start by filling the basket with coffee grounds of your choice. We suggest going for a medium grind—not too fine such that water will get trapped in the basket, but not too coarse such that not enough flavor will be extracted. The basket has its own built-in filter, which means you won't have to use paper coffee filters. That means less waste and more flavor with each extraction.

From there, fill the chamber with boiling water, then assemble all three pieces together and position it over your coffee mug. Let the water sit over the beans for a few seconds just to let the pre-infusion process begin. After a few seconds to about a minute, slowly push down the pump up top. The pump will pressurize the inside of the chamber, forcing the water down through the grounds and out into the mug. You'll have to let go and press the pump a few times to get all the water out through the grounds. The end result will be aromatic, strongly flavored coffee that requires little time, no electricity, and no paper waste. Enjoy!

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You can get the portable device in two colors:

Coffee Maker
Trinity Zero in White (P2,850)
Coffee Maker
Trinity Zero in Black (P2,850)
PHOTO BY Trinity Coffee Co.

The Trinity Zero coffee maker is available on the Method Brewers' website.

For more information, log on to Trinity Coffee Co.'s website.

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