Where to Buy Circular Tote Bags to Spice Up Your Minimalist Wardrobe

Keep your look neutral, but change up the silhouette.

circular tote bags
PHOTO BY Gypsy PH, Élan

(SPOT.ph) Those of you who prefer to stick to a minimalist wardrobe may find it fairly easy to choose clothing considering you can quickly narrow down your search to neutral tones, basic styles, and essential pieces. However, a question that may often plague your mind when shopping is this: How do you add variety and distinction to a closet that consists mostly of plain colors and styles? Our answer: Focus on silhouette. Sure, you're likely sticking to blacks, whites, browns, nudes, and grays, but now that you've got your color scheme down, you have more room to think about the structure of your clothing whether that means going for flowy, feminine pieces or boxy, utilitarian styles. The same can apply to your accessories. If, for example, you collect minimalist totes, then you may want to spice up your collection with circular tote bags. 

Circular bags are by no means a new invention. The rounded take on the closet-staple canvas tote was largely popularized in recent years by New York-based brand Orseund Iris. The high-end fashion label elevated the style into a cult-favorite that blends rustic, laid-back elegance with luxury, forward-thinking fashion. Here’s where you can shop your own rounded tote in Manila.


Hit up these local online stores for stylish circular tote bags:


circular tote bags

Local brand Élan is all about functional fashion and their chic tote bags provide just the right mix of aesthetic and utility. They offer both large totes and compact crossbody bags made of canvas material in ultra-chic round silhouettes. You can choose from a variety of neutral tones including black, white, and sand.

Available online.

Gypsy PH

circular tote bags
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We’re in love with this fuss-free canvas tote from Gypsy PH, which features a handy zip closure up top as well as large pockets on the exterior. You can get it in two ivory shades: Rice White and Bone Beige.

Available online.


circular tote bags
PHOTO BY Altalune

Altalune’s round tote bags sport a mostly plain, utilitarian design with a large shoulder strap and two pockets on the outer side. The brand finishes off the no-frills piece with a subtle detail—the words “moon child” printed on the strap. They also have minimalist totes in other shapes and sizes in case you're looking to stock up on a variety.

Available online.


circular tote bags
PHOTO BY Meliorism

This cool tote from Meliorism features black stitching against the plain canvas material, creating a more distinct look and emphasizing the bag’s unique structure. Best of all, it’s only P100!

Available online.

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