MacBook Users, This Keyboard Shortcut Lets You Pull Up the Emoji Menu From Any Window

You can finally put emojis in your e-mails!


( Emojis have arguably become part of our every day communication whether as a casual way to indicate our mood on texts or to make that "as per my last e-mail" message seem a little less harsh. However, they're almost always easier to type out on our smartphones, despite the fact that most of us also use them when sending messages via laptop or desktop computer. You might search Google for the emoji you're looking for or use emoji menus built into messaging apps or websites, but did you know that there's a keyboard shortcut that lets you pull up the emoji menu anywhere you're typing? Well, there is if you're a MacBook user.

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This cool MacBook hack lets you pull up the emoji menu with a handy keyboard shortcut:

Here's how it works: All you have to do is hit the command, control, and space bar buttons on your keyboard simultaneously and a full menu with all of Apple's built-in emojis will appear next to your text cursor. Just make sure your screen is open on a window or app where you can type—Twitter, a messaging app, a blank e-mail, Microsoft Word, you get the gist.

macbook hack
These are they keys you need to press in order to activate the emoji menu on a MacBook.
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The shortcut also works on iMacs, so as long as you're an Apple computer user, you can give this a try. Once the menu appears, you can quickly scroll through all the emojis until you find the one you need. Similar to the iPhone's keyboard interface, the emojis are sorted into categories, so you can look through each grouping if you're looking for a specific class of emoji. There's also a search field up top where you can type out search terms like "heart," "laugh," "car," "cookie," or what have you.

macbook hack
This menu should pop up after you use the keyboard shortcut.
PHOTO BY MacBook Screenshot

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