To Make Up for PlayStation 5 Shortage, Sony Is Making More PS4s

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( Gamers everywhere went berserk when Sony finally launched the highly anticipated PlayStation 5 in 2020, putting their computer skills into overdrive just to get a chance to cop the console as soon as it became available for pre-order. But despite several rounds of pre-orders in the country and across the world, many still haven’t been able to ge their hands on the gaming console. Even though local gaming stores like DataBlitz roll out new units every few weeks or so, their stockpile is usually pretty limited and consequently, sells out immediately.


This is largely due to chip shortages and global supply chain issues, which limit PlayStation 5 production and prevent the company from meeting customer demands. "The coronavirus pandemic slowed software development across the gaming industry while also triggering a surge in hardware demand that’s made even the most basic of components scarce,” reports Bloomberg. And to make up for the shortage, Sony is making more units of their previous model, the PlayStation 4, in 2022.

PlayStation 5
Sony PlayStation 5 (starts at P27,990)
PHOTO BY PlayStation
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How Sony Is Responding to the PlayStation 5 Shortage

According to the report, Sony had previously planned to discontinue PS4 assembly by the end of 2021, but instead, they’re adding about a million units of the gaming console to their lineup this year to help offset some of the pressure on PS5 production.

The PlayStation 4, which was released in 2013, has sold more than 116 million units to date and is one of the best-selling gaming consoles ever. It uses less advanced chips compared to its successor, making the device easier and cheaper for the company to manufacture. It also costs significantly less—there's roughly a P10,000 discount between the consoles, depending on which model you buy—thereby providing consumers a budget-friendly alternative to the PlayStation 5. "There is always crossover between generations,” Sony noted.

playstation 4
Sony PlayStation 4 (starts at P16,995)
PHOTO BY PlayStation

All that in mind, this is good news for those who would still want to own a PlayStation 4 in 2022—whether as a cheaper alternative to the PS5 or as a console to use while waiting for the latter's global supply to improve—but disappointing for those who are eager to get their hands on the PlayStation 5 even over a year since its initial release. It should also be noted that aside from supply constraints, distribution also poses an issue due to increased shipping costs amid the pandemic.

Aside from amping up their PS4 production, Sony is also planning to release more virtual-reality headsets in the near future and considering launching their own electronic vehicles.

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