Spot Approved: This Seamless Tank Top Is One of the Best I’ve Ever Owned and It’s Only P250

Bench adjustable seamless tank top black

( Some time in 2020, I was aimlessly purchasing anything and everything that caught my eye on e-commerce sites—as most of us were doing at that time and maybe even now—in an effort to bring some excitement into an era made up of an endless cycle of changing quarantine protocols. As most of you may have also realized by now, a big bulk of those early pandemic purchases turned out to be things I didn’t need or eventually got tired of—which is why we here are like to encourage shopping with purpose and intention—but somewhere in the middle of counltess "add to carts" sessions, I bought the Seamless Adjustable Tank Top from local brand Bench.


I didn’t think much about this purchase other than that it was relatively cheap and that I needed (or so I told myself) some new basics to wear on the daily. Black tank tops are pretty much my own personal uniform, so I figured another one wouldn’t hurt. But boy, did this Bench tank blow me away. This top, without any overstatement, is one of the best tank tops I have ever owned. And even now, after a year of countless wears and washes, it's my number one go-to.

Bench adjustable seamless tank top black
Bench Seamless Adjustable Tank Top in Black (P249.75)
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So What's So Special About This Seamless Tank Top?

As its name states, this Bench piece is a seamless tank top. That means it has almost no visible stitching or hemming on the exterior—just stretchy fabric that hugs the body and emphasizes your figure. Now, everyone has different preferences when it comes to basics, so let me be clear: This is the tank for you if you like clothes with a skin-tight fit and that are meant to be tucked into bottoms.

If you like to keep up with famous basics, you’ve no doubt been recommended Kim Kardashian’s popular underwear and loungewear brand SKIMS, which is perhaps best known for their bodysuits. I own two of Kim K's bodysuits (and yes, they live up to the hype) and I’d go so far as to say that this Bench tank gives me the same form-flattering fit, seamless finish, and comfy wear. Best of all, even after a year of owning it (and wearing it nonstop), it has shown no signs of  sagging, loosening, or fading.


I'm normally a U.S. size 6 and I purchased the tank in a size small (it ranges from XS to XL) because I prefer that my tank tops hug the body as much as possible—you can size up if you like a little more breathing room, but don't worry, I haven't had any issues moving around or getting air while wearing this. It has adjustable straps, so you can make sure they sit comfortably on your shoulders, depending on how you like them.

Bench adjustable seamless tank top beige
Bench Seamless Adjustable Tank Top in Beige (P249.75)

After falling in love with the black variant, I also purchased it in beige—it only comes in two colors, to my dismay—and it offers the same compression-like fit, stretchy material, and versatile construction. It should be noted that the top isn’t padded and due to its skin-tight fit I prefer to wear it with stick-on bras or even nipple tape. At the very least, you will have to go with a strapless bra, but if you'd rather let the girls breathe under there, go for it—just keep in my mind that they may, er, peek through. Those of you who have some bulges in the mid-section—don't worry, we're right there with you—may be wary of tops like this that cling to the frame, but worry not, this tank keeps your figure looking smooth and bulge-free from collarbone to hips.

As far as the length, it’s about that of a standard camisole (or at least a standard camisole in the pre-crop top era) and with its stretchy fabric, the tank can extend to your hips comfortably, though that may depend on your body type. Though not itself a body suit, the tank's material clings to your skin almost like a swimsuit, giving you that same stable fit you might get out of a bodysuit—minus the part where you have to clip it under your crotch—making it perfect for tucking into both high-waisted and low-waisted bottoms.


How to Style Bench's Seamless Adjustable Tank Top

Bench adjustable seamless tank top beige
A real-life try-on photo of Bench's Seamless Adjustable Tank Top in Beige
PHOTO BY Ashley Martelino

Well, it’s a basic black tank top—sky’s the limit. Tuck it into you favorite jeans. Wear it under a knit cardigan. Use it at home, at the beach, at the mall, on vacation, you name it. You can't go wrong with a versatile style like this. You can even use  the beige version under sheer tops to hide your bra—great for office outfits. Trust me, this is a closet staple and—I’ve rarely in my life said this about tank tops—I'll be using it for years.


Bench's Seamless Adjustable Tank Top is available on Lazada and Shopee.

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