Yay or Nay: Would You Be Okay With Silicone Wedding Rings?

Yes, they exist.

qola silicone wedding rings

(SPOT.ph) Yes, silicone wedding rings exist. Before you freak out, hear us out: While they may not be ideal (traditionally speaking), they do serve a purpose. Wedding rings—not to be confused with engagement rings—are usually a plain metal band (sometimes diamond encrusted if you’re bougie) that married couples exchange alongside vows during the ceremony. They’re worn on the ring finger of the left hands of both parties pretty much 24/7.

Yup, Silicone Wedding Rings are a Thing; Here's Where to Buy Them

Now, if you love old-fashioned wedding rings, we get it; they're a symbol of your (hopefully) everlasting union and while they tend to be simple, they are also a pretty big deal for most. So how do silicone wedding rings fit into this equation? Well, they're exactly what they sound like: a simple band both parties in a marriage wear post-wedding near constantly. The main difference here is practicality. Wedding rings typically need to be taken off when doing household chores like washing dishes or partaking in sports like swimming. And as we all know from the movies, it is possible to lose them. Silicone wedding rings do away with this risk: their durable waterproof design allows you to wear your wedding ring 24/7 no matter the activity or occasion. Plus, you can clean them easily and should you ever misplace them, well, at least you didn't lose any diamonds.

enso rings
Elements Classic Thing Silicone Ring in Rose Gold by Enso Rings
PHOTO BY Enso Rings
Enso Rings
Beaded Stackable Silicone Ring in Ocean Breeze by Enso Rings
PHOTO BY Enso Rings

Now, let's address what the initial concern might be: Silicone wedding rings are not ugly. We know you were thinking it. While the idea may sound unglamorous, popular silicone-ring brands like Enso Rings and Qalo (both based in the U.S.) offer a wide range of designs varying in shape and color. Both even offer engraving services. In peso conversion, prices range from as low as about P500 to a little over P5,000—not dirt cheap, but affordable enough for anyone with the means to buy traditional wedding bands. You can even shop silicone rings in gold and silver colors so they look close to the old-fashioned kind of wedding bands.

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qalo silicone wedding rings
Love Is Love Modern Silicone Ring by Qalo
qalo silicone wedding rings
Switch Reversible Tie-Dye Silicone Ring by Qalo

In case you're wondering where to buy silicone wedding rings locally, you can get them for very little on e-commerce sites like Shopee and Lazada. Sure, you'll have to get over the fact that you're purchasing your wedding band on the same website where you order mundane items like socks and batteries, but hey, it's what the rings represent that counts, right? Look, we're not trying to pressure you into switching up your wedding rings or going for silicone bands when you get hitched. We're just saying, if you're a very practical person, you have the option.

silicone rings
Silicone Rubber Band Wedding Ring (P197)
PHOTO BY Smile YKK Shop / Lazada
silicone rings
Silicone Wedding Band (starts at P56)
PHOTO BY beautylifefashion.ph / shopee

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