Ditch the Earphones: The Best Wearable Neck Speakers to Buy Right Now

You can listen to music while still being aware of your surroundings.

wearable neck speakers

(SPOT.ph) You’ve probably got your own little collection of personal audio devices—headphones for maximum music immersion, earbuds for on-the-go listening, and speakers for turning up the vibes. Some of you may even invest in high-quality record players for blasting vinyl LPs or condenser microphones for professional voice recording. And just when we thought that audio couldn’t get any more diverse, we discovered neckband speakers.

Neckband speakers are not necessarily new (or at least, what would count as new in the ever-depreciating tech market) and have been available to mainstream consumers since at least late 2016 when LG debuted their now-discontinued Tone Studio wireless speakers. Since then, the technology has remained rather niche with only a few models widely available, but it’s also gaining new traction as more and more companies give the unique technology a try. In a nutshell, neckband speakers are made to sit on your shoulders, just around the neck, directing the sound to your ears without the need for earbuds or headphones. They’re not to be confused with neckband earphones, which make use of a similar necklace-like design but still need to be inserted into the ears. These wearable speakers provide users with a more comfortable, less intrusive way to listen to music, play video games, or take calls—all while still being aware of one’s surroundings. If you’re interested in getting your own neckband speakers, we list a few models you can shop locally.


These are the best wearable neck speakers you can buy in Manila right now:

Sony SRS-NB10 Wireless Neckband Speaker (P7,999)

sony SRS-NB10 Wireless Neckband Speaker

One of the newest options in neckband-speaker tech is Sony’s SRS-NB10, which hit local stores in mid-February. They're especially designed to make working from home as convenient as possible. You get a full-range speaker that directs the sound upwards and optimizes it for your ears alone. And yup, it promises the same clarity on the mic, too. You even get a mute button directly on the neckband, so you can mute your audio while in meetings immediately even if you’re moving around the house or switching between applications on your computer. There are also volume controls and play and pause buttons on the device, so you’ll have complete control of your audio even while multitasking. Best of all, you get up to 20 hours of battery life so you should have no problem using the speaker the entire duration of your shift and beyond.

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Available at Sony Centre stores in Glorietta 2, SM Megamall, SM Mall of Asia, and Trinoma; and at Egghead Audio Hub in Shangri-La Plaza.

JBL Soundgear (P10,999)

jbl soundgear

Get hands-free, high-quality audio output and microphone quality with JBL’s Soundgear wearable speaker. They’re built with quad transducers that promise rich audio and bass-boosting capabilities. Aside from the convenient fit around the neck, you also have the option to seamlessly switch from one device to another—you can go from taking a call on your phone to watching a show on your laptop and vice versa with no fuss. Plus, you get six hours of playback time—just enough for most of the office day.

See a list of JBL retailers.

Bose SoundWear Companion Wearable Speaker (P19,000)

Bose SoundWear Companion Wearable Speaker

Known for their crisp, dynamic, full-bodied sound quality, Bose is a popular choice for those who like top-tier audio output. Their take on the neckband speaker promises to deliver sound directly to your ears while allowing you to still be aware of your surroundings. Plus, it works to limit what others can hear while you’re listening to music or calls, so you won’t have to worry about bothering anyone nearby. You also get a reliable microphone that promises clear input even in windy or noisy environments—perfect for staying connected while multitasking at home—and up to 12 hours of battery life.

See a list of Bose stores.

Sharp Sound Partner AN-SS1 (P7,998)

sharp sound partner

You’ll love this lightweight neckband speaker from Sharp for both work and play—it only weighs 88 grams, so you should have no problem keeping it positioned on your shoulders from morning to evening. It’s got a four-way speaker system that promises immersive sound with up to 14 hours of playback time. You can use it for taking calls, music-listening, video-streaming, or even accessing your voice assistant. The device is available in three stylish colors including black, blue, and white.


Available on Lazada.

Monster Boomerang Neckband Bluetooth Speakers (P3,695)

monster neck speaker
PHOTO BY Monster

This neckband speaker from Monster promises full-range speakers around your neck, so you can get 360-degree cinematic sound quality. Plus, not only do you get a comfortable fit, but also secure wear that prevents slippage even while walking or doing light workouts. The device also has reliable Bluetooth connectivity with a range of up to 10 meters, so you should be able to listen to your tunes with no interruptions even as you move around. And just in case your neck tends to get a little sweaty (no judgments), don’t worry because the device has IPX7 waterproof rating, so the speaker will stay intact even on hot days.

Available online.

Erman Store Rechargeable Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker (P2,403)

erman store neckband speaker
PHOTO BY Erman Store / Lazada

If you’re shopping on a budget, check out this wearable speaker from Erman Store, which you can get for less than P2,500. The wireless device sports a gently tilted design, which creates a clear but private sound field around your ears for high-quality listening that still lets you pay attention to your surroundings. You also get Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and up to 10 hours of battery life.

Available on Lazada.

Aula BS301 Bluetooth Neck Speaker (P2,939)

aula neck speaker
PHOTO BY Aula / Lazada

With this Aula neckband speaker, you get high-fidelity binaural sound for calls, songs, podcasts, videos, and more—all while you stay alert to the world around you. The ergonomic design and silicone material promise comfortable wear all day long that you’ll barely even notice on your shoulders. Plus, the device is equipped with Game Mode, which provides a more realistic, low-latency sound output for playing video games. And with up to 12 hours of battery life, you’ll be playing with no interruptions from morning to evening.


Available on Lazada.

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