10 Chunky Sandals for Your Minimalist Summer Wardrobe

From elegant slip-ons to no-frills platforms.

chunky sandals for minimalists
PHOTO BY CLN, Charles & Keith ILLUSTRATION War Espejo

(SPOT.ph) Summertime is sandals season! While you’ll likely still be reaching for sneakers, flats, and loafers for those occasions that call for them, there’s no other time of the year when the weather (and the outfits) are best suited for strappy, open-toed shoes that are as laid-back as the sunshine makes you feel. So if you’re gearing up for the many, many plans you’ve no doubt already made for March, April, and May, allow us to introduce you to the right shoes. Below, we list 10 oh-so-stylish chunky sandals you can shop locally right now—think thick soles, block heels, and hefty straps. We made sure to stick to versatile, no-frills styles so you can rock these pairs with a variety of outfits and for many different occasions.


These are the chunky sandals to shop if you love minimalist fashion:

Recycled Polyester Padded Slide Sandals (P2,699) from Charles & Keith

charles & keith padded slide
PHOTO BY Charles & Keith

Whether you're donning flowy dresses, loose pants, or just plain old denim shorts, these cool slip-on sandals from Charles & Keith would make a great finishing touch to any breezy summertime outfit. The pair features a chunky cushioned sole with two equally thick straps up top. The exaggerated-on-purpose design elements give the sandal a cutesy, subtly nostalgic feel as well as a touch of stand-out power. Plus, the padded construction promises soft, comfortable wear all day long.

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Available online; see a list of Charles & Keith stores.

Paloma Sandals (P1,450) from Milli Label

Milli Label
PHOTO BY Milli Label

Who says flip-flops can’t be chic? This pair from Milli Label proves the classic thong slipper can be as elegant as a strappy sandal or even a simple kitten heel when done right. The local brand’s take on the pair features a thick thong strap up top and a padded platform underneath, which promises comfortable wear thanks to memory-foam insoles. You can get the fuss-free sandal in Black, White, Sand, Taupe, Cream, Blue, Red, and more.


Available online.

Leather Platform Mules (P3,995) from Zara

Zara mules

Embrace the resurgence of ‘90s and early aughts fashion with these platform mules from Zara—we bet you owned a similar pair back in the day. The block-heel sandal sports a square toe and a thick single strap that would flatter any foot. And thanks to the no-frills silhouette, you can pair the mule with pretty much any outfit.


Available online; see a list of Zara stores.

Pacifico Sandals (P2,290) from Malaya Swim

Pacifico Sandals Malaya Swim
PHOTO BY Malaya Swim

For al-fresco brunches, weekends out of town, and other outdoor plans, these sandals from Malaya Swim would be a great go-to. The handcrafted Velcro straps give the pair an adventurous look that adds an effortless touch to any outfit—if you love linen pieces, these would be a perfect match. Though leather up top, the pair sports rubber outsoles, making them great for days filled with leisurely strolls.


Available online.

Flip Flop Free (P2,495) from Melissa

melissa flip flop free
PHOTO BY Melissa

If you’re heading to the beach soon, take those old tsinelas out of your suitcase. Instead, go for an elevated version of the slipper—the Melissa Flip Flop Free would be a great pick. It’s made of the brand’s signature material, which not only gives each of their pairs that famous jelly-like feel, but is also waterproof, easy-to-clean, and can be worn in a variety of places with no fuss. You can get the pair in four colors—go for eye-catching shades of pink, green, or blue to add a pop of color to your look, or opt for the versatile black so you can pair the slipper with all your summertime outfits.


Available online and at Melissa stores nationwide.

Tilly Flats (P799) from CLN

Tilly Flats CLN

Love ‘90s-era "Jesus sandals?" This pair from CLN gives the old-school style a minimalist makeover with a no-frills silhouette and an EVA construction that’s easy to clean and ideal for a variety of weather conditions. The pair is only P799 and if you buy two, the set will only cost you P999! You can get them in black, mint, and nude.


Available online; see a list of CLN stores.

Criss-Cross Straps Sandals (P2,995) from Mango

Mango sandals

If you’re a low-key dresser or perhaps a normcore enthusiast, these minimalist sandals from Mango would be right up your alley. The criss-cross straps and chunky sole give the pair a distinct silhouette while the monochromatic all-black exterior makes them versatile enough for any ensemble.


Available online and at Mango stores nationwide.

Tilda Slips (P1,120) from Sebastian & Savannah

Sebastian & Savannah tilda slippers
PHOTO BY Sebastian & Savannah

Where rubber slippers of the 2000s had a more laid-back surfer-style aesthetic to them, the trend’s resurrection in the 2020s has given birth to flip-flops with a more dressed-up appearance. Case in point: Sebastian & Savannah’s version of the style, which comes in delicate tones like lilac, baby blue, and sage. The upper goes for a more curved formation compared to the slippers of the aughts, giving the shoe a daintier and more polished appearance. The straps are also stuffed with soft foam, giving more shape and dimension to the flipflop—a small detail but one that instantly makes the design look more luxurious than a plain slipper would.


Available online.

The Boni Sandal (P1,450) from Kees Collection

boni sandals Kees Collection
PHOTO BY Kees Collection

With its block-like platform heel, square-shaped toe, and thick thong straps, these sandals from Kees Collection resemble classic Japanese geta. You can get the pair in a monochromatic all-black design, but we love it in this black-and-white colorway—the contrast draws attention to the stylish silhouette. The fuss-free slip-on can be worn with a variety of ensembles both casual and dressy. Plus, they’ll add a subtle bit of length to your frame.


Available online.

Gizeh To The Beach Sandals (P3,790) from Birkenstock

Birkenstock gizeh
PHOTO BY Birkenstock

You can’t talk about chunky sandals without bringing up Birkenstock and their classic slip-on. While we’ll always have a soft spot for their OG cork-soled styles, we prefer their EVA pairs for the summer. They’re made from a waterproof, easy-to-clean material that you’ll love for the beach or for outdoor adventures. Currently on our wish lists are these Gizeh sandals in a gorgeous watermelon shade—you can also get them in lavender and teal.


Available online; see a list of Birkenstock stores and retailers.

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