Roadtest: Is the Garmin vivomove Sport Hybrid Watch Worth It?

It low-key packs a bunch of features.

Garmin vivomove Sport

( With the world growing increasingly more digital, as gadgets continue to prioritize speed and compactness above all, it’s no wonder that smartwatches are becoming an everyday item for more and more people. Who even has the time these days to pull their phone out of their pocket and check an app in order to get their info? Now, you can get all you need to know on-the-go with quite literally the flick of the wrist.

Like all gadgets though, smartwatches come in all shapes and sizes, as well as cater different utilities that are dependent on brand and model. There is no singular entry point into the world of smartwatches, as one person may find themselves in need of a health-tracking fitness buddy for a watch, while another person may be looking for a personalized and well-organized assistive watch for their daily business.


Luckily, Garmin has recently released a new hybrid smartwatch that shares the best of both worlds, while also meeting additional needs that don’t necessarily fall under either the sport or business lifestyles. While it has been a while since a prominent hybrid smartwatch has hit the market, it’s now back with the vivomove Sport hybrid smartwatch.

Garmin Watch vivomove Sport Review
PHOTO BY Anton Reyes

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Here’s everything you need to know about the Garmin vivomove Sport Hybrid Smartwatch:

Garmin vivomove Sport Design

As we unboxed the vivomove Sport, we immediately noticed how modest it came out in appearance, as well as how lightweight it was. The watch case itself is 19 grams, while with the two silicone straps, it comes out to a total of 33.8 grams. We personally don’t prefer bulky watches, so slipping this watch on and walking the first few steps with it felt incredibly smooth and natural, as outfit accessories should feel.

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Garmin Watch vivomove Sport design
The vivomove Sport hybrid smartwatch comes in Cocoa, Mint Green, Ivory, and Black colors. 
PHOTO BY Anton Reyes

The body of the watch is made up of fiber-reinforced plastic, which makes sense given its weight, without a sacrifice in durability. The 40 mm body of the watch features an 8.6 mm x 18.5 mm OLED display that goes behind the analog hands of the watch. The display only appears at the bottom half of the watch, which helps keep the face of the watch clean and the information dissemination instantaneous.

As mentioned, the watch also comes with two 20 mm, adjustable bands. Additionally, the vivomove Sport comes in four different colors; Cocoa brown, Cool Mint green, Ivory white, and Black. The vibrant colors come in a more pastel tone. They’re minimalist, in that no matter which color you get, it’ll suit the overall subtle aesthetic the watch brings to your outfit.

Garmin Watch vivomove Sport display
You can download the Garmin app on the App Store or Google Play Store.
PHOTO BY Garmin App/Anton Reyes Screencap

You can personalize the default display screen of the watch. The options of what appears on the default, “home” screen are a variety of combinations including a digital clock, step counter, heartrate, watch battery, Garmin’s Body Battery measurement, day and date, and an analog clock display. As pictured above, there are 12 different options, so you can choose the layout that suits your own needs the best.

To activate the display, you can either double tap the face of the watch or flick your wrist to face you. To scroll through the watch’s various features, simply swipe left or right on the display to cycle through the different widgets. Due to an accurate sensitivity reading, simple gestures like this activating your watch’s display makes for a smooth and low-key integration of the watch’s features in a social setting.


You’ll have limited use for the watch up until you pair it via Bluetooth with your smartphone. To do so, download the Garmin app on your phone via the App Store or Google Play Store, then select the vivomove Sport option as the device you wish to pair with.

A successful pairing will allow the app on your phone to keep track of daily health stats such as heart rate, respiration, blood pressure, and more. You also have the option of giving the app access to your contacts, calendar, and music player in order to unlock additional widgets that display messages, events, and songs playing on your watch.

Garmin vivomove Sport pedometer
The pedometer on the Garmin vivomove Sport hybrid smartwatch.
PHOTO BY Anton Reyes

The smartwatch comes with a four to five-day battery life, depending on how frequently you have the smartwatch’s display on, as opposed to just having the analog hands tell the time. It charges up quickly via the USB cable as well, as we were able to get it from a near-depleted battery to over 50% in just 20 minutes.


Garmin vivomove Sport Notable Features

Health Trackers

Besides the obvious clock, calendar, and step counter features, the vivomove Sport hybrid smartwatch also has a number of health trackers that provide body and activity data that should keep you aware of how well you’re maintaining your body in that particular or over a set number of days.

Garmin vivomove Sport Body Batter
The watch comes with Garmin's signature Body Battery monitor.
PHOTO BY Anton Reyes

These features include an intensity minutes tracker, which tracks the time you’ve spent engaged in physical activity; Garmin’s signature Body Battery monitor that analyzes stress, heart rate, and activity to determine a person’s energy reserve; all-day Stress index that checks heart rate as well; Hydration monitor, which you can use to keep track of how many glasses of water you’ve drank throughout the day; and finally, a Respiration rate monitor that tells your average breaths per minute.

Garmin vivomove Sport app
Once connected, you can check your health analytics on the home page of the Garmin app.
PHOTO BY Garmin App/Anton Reyes Screencap

You can view the stats in greater detail through the app, but the smartwatch itself should give you a good idea of how well you’re performing in terms of body health and fitness for the day. The app will be able to reveal certain patterns to you, such as a timeline of your sleep stages and your blood oxygen saturation over months, as long as you have the watch on to provide the data.


Garmin vivomove Sport notifications
You can get notifications from your phone on the vivomove Sport watch.
PHOTO BY Anton Reyes

Other features you can unlock by connecting it to your phone are music control, which allows you to pause, play, and cycle through music playing on your phone; temperature and weather forecast; a calendar that is synced with the events you have lined up on your phone; and message notifications from chats you have on your phone, which notifies on the watch almost at the exact time as it does on the phone. Android users can even reject an incoming phone call with a templated message.


Garmin vivomove Sport stress
PHOTO BY Anton Reyes

By tapping and holding the touchscreen display, you can access the timed activity mode that’ll allow you to time certain exercises such as walking, running, other cardio exercises, cycling, strength training, and yoga. Simply double tap the touch screen to start the timer, then double tap again to end the timer. We personally found this useful, as we like to record data on our exercises in order to see and get competitive with our progress.


Garmin vivomove Sport Specs

Price: P9,595
Where to buy:
Garmin stores nationwide, Shopee 
What's included:
vivomove Sport watch, charging cable, manual/documentation
Available colors:
Cocoa, Cool Mint, Ivory, Black
40 x 40 x 11.0 mm
Battery life: 
Up to five days with a charge time of 1-2 hours
Band size: 20 mm
Water resistance: 50 m
iPhone, Android

The Verdict: Should you buy the Garmin vivomove Sport?

The Garmin vivomove Sport hybrid smartwatch is a confident yes from us, especially if you're just now beginning to wade into the wide world of smartwatches.  If you're the type to not like even having watches on your wrist, this might be the watch for you because of how subtle it is. This unassuming watch packs a bunch of helpful and considerate features that'll make first-timers rethink why they have been going around without a watch in the first place.

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