10 Funny Product Names From IKEA That'll Help You Get Through the Week

In case you need a dose of sabaw-ness to end your week.

IKEA Philippines Funny Product Names
PHOTO BY Ashley Martelino, Anton Reyes

(SPOT.ph) In today's Internet culture of making memes out of simple yet funny-sounding words like Big Chungus, Among Us, Morbius, or even Lechonk, you'd best believe we'd even be looking at everday objects for further meme-ing potential.

Luckily, the furniture store IKEA, which is well-known for using actual Swedish words as their product names over generic product codes, has quite the selection of oddly funny product names. Here are the ones we spotted while checking out their store at IKEA Philippines in Pasay City.

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Here are 10 funny product names we spotted at IKEA Philippines:


Bumerang Hanger IKEA Philippines
PHOTO BY Anton Reyes

Probably not the best idea to have a sign that reads "Hanger Bumerang" in a department that's near the kid's section. Luckily, no accidents have happened. These clothes hangers are being sold at P290 for eight pieces.


Jokkmokk table set IKEA Philippines
PHOTO BY Anton Reyes

We did promise some sabaw-ness. It's just funny to think of all the Pinoys who've tried to properply pronounce this Swedish word. Derived from the Swedish locality of the same name, Jokkmokk means "River's Curve." Not exactly sure what that has to do with a dining table set, but fun to think of calling everyone down to eat at the jokkmokk. The table set (including four chairs) is available for purchase at P10,990.


Dietmar chair frame IKEA Philippines
PHOTO BY Anton Reyes
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In case you needed a sign to "diet more," just get a load of this chair frame. It definitely looks like it itself is on a diet, with the lack of cushion and backrest (for now). Once you get those, it'll evolve into a Leifarne or Svenbertil. The chair frame is being sold at P1,950.


Rossared hanging mirror IKEA Philippines
PHOTO BY Anton Reyes, IKEA

Rossared, ants are tiny, this hanging mirror can be bought for only P390.


Mariatheres oven mitts IKEA Philippines
PHOTO BY Anton Reyes

Well, not quite a Marites, but these Mariatheres oven mitts will help you with handling scorching hot tea (among other heated kitchenware). How exactly did IKEA land on Mariatheres as a product name? Only Marites knows, probably. These cotton-linen mitts protected with polyester are sold at P290


Stuk storage unit IKEA Philippines
PHOTO BY Anton Reyes

More sabaw incoming: We were dying at a number of IKEA storage products just being named Stuk, for some reason. These Stuk storage cases and boxes come with multiple compartments, so you'll never find yourself... stuck in the position of having to find your misplaced item. (We're sorry for the pun, we're trying to hit backspace.) Stuk storage cases are available at P170, P390, and P490, depending on the number of compartments.


Fixa tool kit IKEA Philippines
PHOTO BY Anton Reyes

True to their name, these Fixa sets are definitely for you handy fixer-uppers or Fix-It Felix's. The tool kits contain a variety of hardware, such as hammers, screwdrivers, drills, screws and nails, wrenches, pliers, and more. Get us a fixa' that! (Sorry, sorry, we're trying to delete it.) Fixa tool kits are available at varied prices, depending on which set of tools you'll be purchasing.


Mallhoppa alarm clock IKEA Philippines
PHOTO BY Anton Reyes

If you're the type to run on Filipino time and are almost always (casually) late to your dates with friends or meetings, then you should "hop" on this alarm clock from IKEA. The analog clock doesn't make sounds as the seconds tick away, but it has a useful alarm that'll get you out of bed and mall-hopping real quick. It's available at P590 for an 11-centimeter clock or P790 for a 35-centimeter.


Godmorgon storage unit IKEA Philippines
PHOTO BY Anton Reyes

Our Stranger Things-obssessed brain almost got us thinking we spotted Demogorgon over at the furniture store. Instead, we got a mix between Good Morning, God Morgan (Freeman), of course. The Godmorgon storage units come in different sizes, from the mini chest with two drawers and several small compartments (P550) to the sink cabinet with two drawers (P5,990).  


HASTHAGE collection IKEA Philippines
PHOTO BY Anton Reyes

You know what they say, horse girls do be crazy. The HÄSTHAGE collection features a number of horse-themed furniture, from pillows and mugs to blankets and boxes. Named after the Swedish word for horse enclosure, Hästhage initially got us thinking whether it was hashtag or hostage, but now we just want all the horse-themed items for our equestrian hearts.

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