This Lunch Box Has Siopao, Maling, Egg + More—But It's Makeup

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PHOTO BY Instagram/Filipinta Beauty

( "Oh, 'yong baon mo," is probably what your parents used to say before you sprinted out of the door on your way to school. Your school lunch, which mom or dad lovingly prepared, usually consisted of an egg, hotdog, and maling with rice (because it isn't a Filipino meal without it), or some version of adobo, among a bunch of other possible combinations. Now, this isn’t our Eat & Drink section but allow us to introduce you to our kind of baon. Meet Filipino-owned beauty brand Filipinta Beauty’s baon boxes. Yes, they may look like a delicious meal in a take-out box, but trust us, it isn't—it's makeup.

Check out these baon-inspired boxes by Filipinta Beauty


For the uninitiated, the New York-based Filipino brand is known for its creative makeup products that draw inspiration from beloved pinoy food. Say what? We're talking banana ketchup and lechon sauce-inspired lip gloss and lumpia and ube cake eyeshadow palettes.

In an Instagram reel, Filipinta Beauty showed three of their creatively-packaged baon boxes. The first ulam box has a candle in the shape of a siopao (steamed bun), lip balms in the shape of an egg (peep that yellow yolk) and maling (luncheon meat), and, yup, the banana ketchup and lechon sauce-inspired lip gloss. The second ulam box had the same content except instead of a siopao, it's a candle in the shape of a pancit canton.

The third one dubbed the "isnaks (snacks) baon," contains two random iced gems body butter, lip balms in the shape of ChocNut and Hawhaw—two of our childhood favorites—and Ice Scramble-inspired lip glosses inside one box.

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filipinta beauty ulam baon box
Ulam Baon Box 1.
PHOTO BY Instagram/Filipinta Beauty
filipinta beauty ulam baon box 2
Ulam Baon Box 2.
PHOTO BY Instagram/Filipinta Beauty

According to the brand's website, the boxes will be available on Friday, November 11 in the U.S. No news yet whether they'll be available locally, but we've got our fingers crossed. Until then we're more than happy to make do with our real life maling.

For more information, check out Filipinta Beauty's Instagram page.

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