No-Rinse Pet Shampoos Exist and This One Will Have Your Pups Smellin' Minty Fresh

Senor Pet Company Shampoo and Odor Eliminator

( Giving your dogs a bath can be quite a feat. From getting all their grooming supplies ready to actually bathing them, it can take at least 30 minuteson good days with really behaved puppersjust to get this chore out of the way. So on really hectic weeks, where every day seems like a series of to-dos right after the other, it can be pretty taxing to give your furbabies a complete cleaning sesh. While there is always the option to drop them off at the nearest groomer, that can cost you a lot of money in the long run. So what's a fur-parent left to do? Well, you can always get away with using Waterless Dog Shampoos like this one from Señor Pet Company to give your dogs a quick and easy pseudo-bath while you get your ducks in a row.

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Skip the fuss of bath time with this Waterless Pet Shampoo from Señor Pet Company:

While skipping baths entirely might be the fastest and easiest thing to do when you just can't deal with your furbaby's bath-time antics, it's not exactly a solution. Especially since you're bound to end up with a stinky baby running amok in your house. For a temporary fix, we're sure you've heard of no-rinse or waterless pet shampoos. These shampoos are spray-on fur cleansers meant to remove debris and dirt from your dog's coat sans the rinsingthink of it as a dry shampoo for your pets. It also helps eliminate that funky dog smell that tells you they need a bath for a little while. We found a pretty easy-to-use variant that'll leave your furbabies smelling minty cool, in case that's the vibe you're looking for in time for the peppermint holidays. 

This Waterless Shampoo from Señor Pet Company's Dog  comes in a 310-ml spray that'll cost you just around P260. We got to try it out on our own babies and yes, we can attest to the fresh smell after. To use it, you simply spray it on your doggos and rub off any dirt or debris with a towel. No need to rinse. It will leave your pet's fur a bit on the damp side, especially if you get your spritz on, but it's nothing a quick fan moment won't fix. Señor Pet Company's Dog Waterless Shampoo is mint-scented, so after a quick rub down, your dog will smell like good ol' toothpaste.

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Señor Pet Company Waterless Shampoo + Dog
PHOTO BY Facebook/Señor Pet Company

Aside from the scent, the waterless shampoo contains sunflower seed oil, aloe leaf juice, and madre de cacao leaf extract. You know, all the good stuff for making your doggo's coat and skin healthy.

Señor Pet Company Waterless Shampoo
PHOTO BY Facebook/Señor Pet Company

If that mint vibe has you sold, know that the Señor Pet Company has more than just waterless shampoos under their belt. You can check out their regular pet shampoo, pet cologne, multipurpose disinfectant sprays, and cleansing liquids. They even have bundles for gift-giving or just savvy buyers.

The Dog Waterless Shampoo from Señor Pet Company is P260 for a 310-ml bottle and is available on Shopee.

For more information, visit Señor Pet Company's Facebook Page.

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