10 Weird and Funny Things You Could Gift Your Friends This Holiday Season Under P100

Weird Gifts Eyemask and Face Mask

(SPOT.ph) Giving your friends a gift during the holidays can be a stressful task. Do you go the serious and sentimental route, give a practical gift, or play a joke on them? Ideally, the perfect gift is a balance of all those, i.e., it's memorable, an ode to your friendship, and will make them smile. But then, how does one strike a balance in this economy between finding that perfect gift without breaking the bank? We at SPOT.ph believe that gifts can come at any price tag. Plus, it's the thought that counts, right? So we rounded up 10 gift ideas we think will make you the star sock-stuffer this year.

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Here are 10 weird and funny exchange gift ideas that won't break the bank: 

A coin purse with punny reminders to act your wage (P58)

Punny Coin Purse
PHOTO BY Shopee/ Arcanist Station

Easily influenced by your friends whenever they say "tara kain" or "G?"? Don't nag your friends about money. Instead, let their wallets do the talking. Remind your friends of their budgets with these funny and witty canvas coin purses. 

Available at Shopee.

Enamel pins with funny quotes (P43)

Enamel Pins
PHOTO BY Shopee/ Qingqi.ph
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Are your friends feeling down or a little unmotivated? Lift their spirits with these cute enamel pins that remind them they are not alone. Oh, and did we mention they also look  #aesthetic?

Available at Shopee 

Delicious-looking hairclips to jumpstart their cravings (starts at P28)

Food Hairclips
PHOTO BY Shopee/ Jewelrydream.ph

Do you and your friends love to chow on street food and pica-pica? Please don't be shy about it! Loving food is a good thing. So wear it on your sleeve—er hair. Gift your favorite foodie friends something that'll remind them of their one true love—food. If these hair clips don't scream, "I love food," we don't know what will.


Available at Shopee

Cloth face masks with goofy expressions (P77)

Funny facemasks
PHOTO BY Shopee/ Cindyfive.ph

Is your friend having trouble being noticed by the one they like? Then, gift them any of these masks, and they'll definitely get a few looks here and there. But seriously, if you've got a friend with a sense of humor, they'll love all the double takes they'll get with these funny masks covering—er, accentuating their faces.


Available at Shopee

A card game to help break the ice(P59)

These cards will get you drunk
PHOTO BY Shopee/Yimitoys

Are you looking to spice up your drinking sessions? Try gifting this card game to someone in your friend group. It's a deck full of fun and zany challenges designed to make the drunk confused and the confused drunk. This will for sure be a hoot in the next get-together.


Available at Shopee

A sassy cat pen holder (P28)

Sassy Cat Pen Holder
PHOTO BY Shopee/ Go_Home

Turn any boring office table into a sassy kitty wonderland with these pen/earbud holders. Not only will you help stop your friend from misplacing their earbuds or their pens, but you'll also keep their table less mousy—er messy.


Available at Shopee

An ooey-gooey stress ball to put all their pent-up anger into (P43)

Squishy Ball
PHOTO BY Shopee/ Super Seller.ph

Got a friend with anger issues? These squishy, glittery, and downright fabulous stress balls turn their rage into something adorable. Help them channel their anger into something non-destructive by giving them a virtually indestructible medium to rage on. But a word of advice, you might not want to gift this to someone with trypophobia.


Available at Shopee

A pair of not-so-innocent dice to amp up your drinking sessions (P25)

Drinking Dice
PHOTO BY Shopee/ Penny Stationery Shop

Turn your regular drinking sessions into tests of endurance and see who among your friend group can survive the challenges of the drinking dice. Okay, they may not really be that challenging, but it would surely amp up the stakes at any boring ol' drinks night and make it a little more interesting, don't you think?


Available at Shopee

A pair of socks that shows the world their mood for the day (P45)

Socks with Expressions
PHOTO BY Shopee/ Tangbaobao.ph

We all have that one moody friend whose moods seem to change faster than they could change clothes. So keep them fashionable and track their ever-changing moods by gifting them these socks that could give you an insight into what they're feeling now. Plus, who doesn't love receiving socks?


Available at Shopee

A meme-inspired eye mask (P86)

Frog Meme Eye mask
PHOTO BY Shopee/ I Love DIY: Supermarket

We've all got that friend whose motto is "Sleep is life." Well, why not feed their sleeping habit by giving them this plush eye mask that'll help block out the light and help them say good night faster? Check out this hilarious Pepe the Frog-themed eye mask that takes the phrase to sleep with an eye open to a new level.


Available at Shopee

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