10 Fun and Crazy Adult Party Games to Try

Who says you’re too old for games?


(SPOT.ph) Are you playing party host this year? We’re sure you’ve got your guest list, food, and decor down pat, but have you figured out how to entertain your guests? Sometimes, it’s not enough to just sit around and drink (although that’s not entirely a bad thing). Party games are a great way to break the ice or bring people together. Once you’ve played the choice favorites like Pinoy Henyo and paper dance, give any of these 10 games a try.


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1. Russian Roulette

Number of players: 6

You’ll need: A dice, shot glasses, water, clear alcohol, and playing cards or pieces of paper numbered one to six


Also known as shot roulette, this drinking game is perfect for getting the festivities started (and lowering inhibitions, if you plan on moving on to more daring games). Randomly fill shot glasses with either water or clear alcohol of your choice. Assign a shot glass to one number, and make sure to mix it up so no one knows where the alcohol is. Roll the dice and take the number’s corresponding shot. Keep playing until you’re all pleasantly buzzed.




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2. Strip Cards Against Humanity

Number of players: 3 and above

You’ll need: A deck of Cards Against Humanity (which you can also download via its website)


If you’ve ever played Cards Against Humanity, then you’ll know that it’s pretty easy to just drop an unfunny card if you have a bad hand. The usual rules apply, but there’s a twist: a "Card Czar" will choose a winning and losing card. The owner of the losing card will have to take off one article of clothing. The winner, on the other hand, puts on an article of clothing they may have previously removed.





3. Trip to Jerusalem

Number of players: 6 and above

You’ll need: Music, plenty of room, and er, a phallic vegetable of your choice


Before you write this off as a children’s game, someone out there upped the ante and made it, well, a little more adult-friendly. Male players stand in a circle with eggplants attached to their waists. The same rules apply; once the music stops, female players race to grab an eggplant. To make it more challenging, participants can trim the eggplants as the game progresses. You can even replace it with a shorter, harder-to-grab vegetable for, ahem, added fun.





4. Flip, Sip, or Strip

Number of players: 6 and above

You’ll need: A coin and drinks of your choice


Before playing, make sure all your participants are brave enough to give it a go. The game kicks off when a player flips a coin and guessing whether it will land on heads or tails. If incorrect, the coin is passed to the left and the player must either sip their drink or take off an article of clothing. If guessed correctly, the player has two options: pass the coin to the right or flip it again. If you guess right thrice in a row, you may put an article of clothing back on. The coin is then passed to your right.





5. Balloon Break

Number of players: 8 and above

You’ll need: A timer, and at least 10 balloons per pair


Pair up your players and set the clock. Couples will now try to pop as many balloons as they can within the time limit. The twist is that balloons can only be popped by squeezing it between players’ chests (or crotch area, if you’re up to it). Other body parts are not allowed.



6. Tag ’Em and Bag ’Em

Number of players: All your guests

You’ll need: A clothespin, a bag, and slips of paper


This is a great game that can be played throughout the party. At the beginning of the party, one guest is tasked to discreetly clip a clothespin on to someone else. The person walks away and calls out, "Tag ’em and bag ’em." A countdown from five begins as players frantically search to see if they were tagged. If the tagged player doesn’t find and pull off the pin before the five seconds end, they must reach into the "Bag of Fate," which contains fun penalities, challenges, or even dares that the person must do.




7. Shave the Balloon

Number of players: 8 and above

You’ll need: Balloons, disposable razors, and shaving cream


Prepare to get extra messy with this game, because you’d need to lather balloons with shaving cream. Guests divide into teams of two, and one of the players will (unfortunately) hold the end of the balloon in their mouth. The other player must remove all the shaving cream with a razor. The first team to complete the challenge without popping the balloon wins.




Photo via Drinking Game Zone

8. Ice Cube Tray Relay

Number of players: 6 and above

You’ll need: Alcohol, straws, and ice cube trays


Here’s a game perfect for competitive guests. Split players into teams, with each participant getting a straw and ice cube tray. Each ice cube holder is then filled with beer. On "go," the first person on the team races to drink the beer out of their ice tray with a straw. Once they finish all the beer, only then can the next player begin. The first team to finsh wins!





9. Cherry Pie

Number of players: 4 and above

You’ll need: Plates, five cherries per player, and plenty of whipped cream


Set a plate of cherries completely covered with whipped cream in front of each participant, who now has to eat all five cherries. Sounds easy enough, right? Not so fast. They must do it with only their mouths, and their hands tied behind their backs. Prepare your cameras, you’re going to want to take a lot of pictures. If fresh cherries are unavailable, canned cherries or even grapes will do.





10. Junk in the Trunk

Number of players: 4 and above

You’ll need: A timer, string or belt, empty tissue boxes, and ping pong balls


If you’ve seen a Minute to Win It episode, you’ll probably be familiar with this game. Fasten a string or belt onto an empty tissue box and tie it around players’ waist, making sure the box is resting just above the backside. They will now race against the clock to empty the tissue box by shaking their goods. Preferably to music, of course.

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