10 Struggles Only Pinoys Who Don't Have Mobile Internet Will Understand

Here's one: FOMO!

Like it or not, we live in an age where connectivity and productivity go hand in hand. The Internet is now an avenue for news, job opportunities, romantic prospects, and whatever else you can think of, which basically means everything you need to go about your day is there.

The thing is, though, some Pinoys still don't have Internet access from their phones, which is unfortunate, because it's causing us a lot of trouble and hassle (and getting left behind!)


Raise your hand if you can identify with ten of the following situations:


1. You vow to wreak havoc on anyone who will spoil the result of the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight, even though the whole thing ended hours ago. Power left hook, anyone?

Source: Wikia.com


2. You have no idea why girls everywhere are crying over Zayn Malik, or who Zayn Malik is, for that matter. Time to ask your tween niece!

Source: Giphy


3. You never get to catch air fare discounts because you don't know how online promos work.

Source: Wifflegif


4. You think Friendster and Multiply are still around.

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5. When in a coffee shop, you're always compelled to order something to avoid looking like a Wi-Fi hoarder.

Source: Bato


6. You're always the last to know about the latest tsismis in your office's Facebook group chat because you're never online.

Source: Tumblr


7. You still don't know the actual lyrics to Taylor Swift's "Blank Space."


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8. While most of your batchmates are already on Jobstreet, you insist on commuting to Makati because you believe that a walk-in application is still the way to go.

Source: UVA Application


9. Sometimes the word you're looking for is on the tip of your tongue, but since you can't look it up online, it shall remain there forever.

Source: Giflibrary


10. You think the word meme is pronounced as "meh-meh."

Source: Yugatech

The good news, however, is you don't have to endure any of these things anymore - Facebook has partnered with Smart, Sun, and Talk ’N Text to launch Internet.org, a global initiative that brings FREE mobile Internet access to the country!


Watch this video to learn more:


Internet.org gives Smart, Sun, and TNT subscribers FREE access to 24 websites that cover several topics, including communication (Facebook, Facebook Messenger), current events (Inquirer), sports (ESPN), career (Jobstreet), and general knowledge (Wikipedia).



No more spoilers, wrong lyrics, and Wi-Fi hoarding, alright?


For more information on Internet.org, text INTERNET to 9999 or visit www.talkntext.com.ph/internetorg.

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