10 More Adult Party Games to Try

Nothing X-rated, we promise. Well, unless you play them that way.


(SPOT.ph) Hosting a party for the holidays? Give your guests a smashing time by preparing fun adult party games (read: R-18) that will get everyone warmed up! We round up 10 adult party games that will get the party started—and keep it going. If you want to have a night to remember (by not remembering...), keep these fail-proof party game ideas and ice-breakers in mind!


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10 Fun and Crazy Adult Party Games to Try




Once your guests start to arrive, hand each of them index cards with common words, phrases, or actions. Example: "beer," "OMG!", "hairflip." If they hear or see someone do whatever is written on their card, they must shout "Taboo!" and make that other guest drink. The game can be played throughout the entire party, and even during other drinking games!




Most Likely

If you're hosting a party with a tight group of friends, this game ought to be a fun (and funny) one. Have everyone sit in a circle and start asking a "most likely" question like "Who would most likely get drunk during office hours?" Then, on the count of three, the players must point to whoever they think is most likely to do whatever was mentioned. Players have to down a drink for every person that points at them!


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Drunken Tower (P960) from Weekenders

It's Jenga with a twist! The goal is to remove as many blocks without tipping the tower over...but this time, each block will tell you, another player, or everyone to take a shot. Whoever makes the tower collapse needs to drink for everyone!



Never Have I Ever

Have your guests sit in a circle. Start the game by completing the phrase "Never have I ever..." Whoever has done whatever the first person said must take a shot. Then, it's the next person's turn to make a statement. It's a fun way to get to know your guests...on another level. Try to keep the game going for as long you can!




Human Musical Chairs

If you're hosting a party with a large group of single friends, play a game of human musical chairs! Except, this time, the chairs will be replaced by humans. Have some of the players (usually men) line up side by side and kneel on one leg, while the other players (usually women) walk or dance around them while the music plays. Just like musical chairs, once the music stops, they must find the nearest seat (in this case, knee) and sit. The last man and woman on his knee are the winners of the game!


Who's My Match?

Print out celebrity couple names on labels (one name per label) and shuffle them all together so they are no longer couples. Once the guests start to arrive, stick a label on their backs. They now have to ask other guests yes or no questions for them to figure out what it says on their label. Once they find out who they got, they must find their match among the crowd. When everyone has found their match, they must impersonate that couple for a fun photo!




Jackpot Shots (P595) from Quirks

Down shots through a game of chance! Each player picks their own shotglass. The goal is to roll three in a row to nominate a player to drink, otherwise, the player will take his shot. Take turns with the other players until everyone's warmed up and ready for a night to (not) remember!


Bingo Drinking Game (P699.75) from Robinsons Department Store

This is not your typical game of Bingo. It's actually pretty simple! Each player picks a colored shotglass, and if the ball that comes out is the same color, the player must drink. It's a quick way to get everyone warmed up and ready to party!





Fill the center of a table with shot glasses and have your guests sit in a circle around the table. The game starts with the players' heads face-down on the table. On the count of three, the players must look up and as soon as two of them make eye contact, they need to shout "Medusa!" The two of them must also take a shot. Continue the game until all shotglasses are gone—or for as long as you can keep playing!



Cup Swap

Give each player two cups and one spoon. One of the cups must be filled with an alcoholic beverage (make it a strong one), and the other cup has to be empty. Then, give them one minute to transfer the drink to the empty cup using the spoon. When the time is up, the players must drink whatever is left in the original cup.



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