10 Cool Crafting Workshops to Try in 2016

Where to take classes and why you should try them


(SPOT.ph) Whether you’re new to crafting or you already consider yourself a craft workshop veteran, there’s still something new to try in the coming year. From making your own jewelry, soap, or apron, you’ll find that there are so many more classes you need to sign up for. Save some of your Christmas money for these workshops in 2016!



Silversmithing at Studio 925

What to expect: From creating a hammered silver ring to stacked rings with a bezel setting, Studio 925 offers three levels of silversmithing.


Why you should try it: This is a one-of-a-kind crafting experience. You’ll transform a silver sheet into a handmade ring in just a few hours! You’ll get to work with different types of equipment and be familiarized with silversmith techniques—from creating a hammered design to soldering the silver into a ring.


Fee: Ranges P4,000 to P4,500 depending on the level


Register at the Studio 925 website.



Crafting Leather Bags with Soul Flower

What to expect: You’ll learn how to make a handmade leather bag in two days. The first day is dedicated to making the bag template and you’ll be stitching the bag on the second. The basic leather crafting workshop is a prerequisite to this course.


Why you should try it: Take this class if you’ve already done the basic leather crafting workshop.


Fee: P3,500


Register at the Soul Flower website.




Basics of Weaving with I Try DIY

What to expect: Learn how to weave a wall hanging in just one class! You’ll be taught different techniques and introduced to a variety of materials you can incorporate into your weaving.


Why you should try it: If you’re the type of person who likes some rhythm and pattern in your crafting, this class is for you. Although the basic weave is pretty straightforward, you can also customize your work so that it looks unique!


Fee: P2,000


Check out I Try DIY’s website for future workshop schedules or to inquire about private lessons.



Papercutting with Mansy Abesamis

What to expect: Learn the basic techniques for creating intricate papercut patterns that you can frame and give as gifts.


Why you should try it: It might seem intimidating at first, but you’ll see that papercutting is quite a relaxing craft. You can make super-detailed cut-outs or stick to basic words and shapes depending on your preference. Either way, the end product will always impress someone.


Fee: P2,000


Check out Hey Kessy’s website for workshop schedules or to inquire about private lessons.



Shrink Plastic with Cynthia Bauzon-Arre

What to expect: Make pendants, pins, gift ornaments, and more with shrink plastic.


Why you should try it: It’s totally fun and useful, too. You can even take your kids or younger siblings to join in on the fun.



Fee: P2,000


Check out Cynthia Bauzon-Arre’s Instagram for workshop schedules or to inquire about private lessons.


Pattern Design Workshop with Life After Breakfast

What to expect: Learn how to design patterns that you can reproduce and use in a multitude of ways!


Why you should try it: Have you always wanted to make your own patterns to use on gift wrappers or even fabric? After the class, you're guaranteed to do so much with your basic pattern design skills.


Fee: Free on January 19 at Pi Breakfast & Pies, The Grove by Rockwell, Pasig City


Register at Life After Breakfast or inquire about private lessons.



Cold Process Soap Making with Simoy ng Haraya

What to expect: Create your very own natural, vegetable-based soap with natural herbs, spices, and clay.


Why you should try it: Instead of buying soap, why don’t you make your own? You can choose what goes into your bars (you can make up to 12 so you can definitely share your finished product with friends!) and you’ll even get to take home recipes to help you make more at home.


Fee: P3,500


Register at the Craft Manila website.



Basic Crochet with Gantsilyo Guru

What to expect: If you’re looking to learn basic crochet patterns this is the class for you. This is where you'll learn how to make African Flower Motifs.


Why you should try it: The basic crochet stitches are fundamental for creating bigger pieces like table runners, throws, and even bags! Get a group of friends together if you’re not comfortable joining a workshop with strangers.



Fee: P1,650


Check out Gantsilyo Guru’s website for future workshop schedules or to inquire about private lessons.



Succulent Dish Garden Making with Sucker for Succulents

What to expect: Make your very own dish garden that you can use to decorate your home.


Why you should try it: Do you always find yourself shopping for cacti to include in your tablescape at home but can’t quite find the right one? Making your own customized dish is the perfect solution! After this class, you can totally make more to give away as gifts, too.


Fee: P2,000


Register at the Craft Manila website.  


Learn to Sew with Sew Easy

What to expect: Depending on which level you choose to register for, you can learn how to make a drawstring bag and reversible bag, basic shorts and a frilly apron, and a simple sleeveless blouse.


Why you should try it: If you’ve always wanted to make your own clothes and your sewing machine is just gathering dust in the corner of your room, it’s time to learn the basics! Plus, they also offer classes for kids in case you want to enroll your son or daughter, too.


Fee: Ranges from P4,500 to P5,000 depending on the level


Check out Sew Easy’s website for more information.

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