Here's how you can get rid of plastic trash



( Look into your everyday waste and you'll see that majority of it is plastic: shampoo sachets, takeout containers, cigarette butts, disposable spoons and forks, and so on. Even your trash bag may be plastic. "We are in the top three plastic polluters in the entire world," says Ziggie V. Gonzales, the guy who's trying to solve our plastic problem through The Plastic Solution (pun intended), in an interview with




The Plastic Solution is a movement that repurposes plastic bottles by stuffing them with cut-outs of non-biodegradable waste such as plastic bags, straws, cigarette butts, sachets, food wrappers, et cetera. These stuffed bottles, also called eco-bricks, can serve as alternative fillers or bricks in the construction of walls, fences, garden pots, benches, you name it!


"The plastic solution as a project started less than a year ago but I've been stuffing bottles as a habit for over a year now," he narrates. Back then, he was looking online for an easy way to minimize loose non-biodegradable trash in the environment and that was when he found, a global alliance with a mission to turn as much plastic waste as possible into eco-bricks.


Gonzales is not at all new to saving the environment in his own little way. This surfer is also the co-founder of The Circle Hostel, a sustainable social enterprise that's focused on ecotourism while still providing comfortable accommodations for beach lovers and fellow surfers.


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So far, The Plastic Solution has already put to use about one metric ton of trash in building the wall of a hostel in Zambales. More plans to build structures in partner communities are in the works.


"Plastic does not biodegrade at all so basically it lasts forever. It is super important to minimize use because plastic never goes away. Recycling has a limit when it comes to plastic. First off, they need to be made of the same chemical makeup and there are tons of different kinds of plastic. Second, you can only melt and repurpose plastic a limited amount of times before the chemical structure of the plastic renders it unusable," Gonzales explains. Given this dilemma, it seems that the Plastic Solution is the only way to go.


You can make your own eco-bricks and deliver them to the drop-off points in Makati, Quezon City, Muntinlupa City, and Las Piñas.


For more information, visit The Plastic Solution on Facebook.


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